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Happy Saturday two chicks fam it's me Carl I am back with another non-phone Easy peasy work from home job but before I jump into the video if you are looking For more non-phone jobs be sure to hop Over here check them out on the non blog smash that red Subscribe button turn on that Bell Notification make sure you guys thumbs Up these videos and share on this Channel guys we talk about legit work From home jobs side hustles and gigs we Also give away free laptop computers and We're giving away 10 more anybody can Win go spread the word tell a friend be Sure to come back leave us a comment Down below don't forget to go back check Out that easy peasy job that I posted on The channel yesterday make sure you guys Hop on over to the two chicks with blog look under the Spotlight job section apply for Omni Interactions let us know in the comments What time type of work from home job or Side hustle you guys are looking for and Be sure guys to sign up for Branded Surveys easy peasy survey site we got Some people here making 15 to 50 dollars In a day the link is down below in the Comments section let's get into the Video so the company is called Robin and They are looking to feel their remote Medical scribe position now on their Website guys I saw the hours as 12 P.M

To 8 P.M so I know it says Georgia but They do hire in other states they are State specific and they do hire in a Bunch of States now this one guys it Says apply today and get on our waiting List it says that openings fill up fast And the pay is ten dollars an hour I Know it is on the low side but if you Have not ever ever done any type of Experience in this particular field this Is one of the ones one of the companies That will let you guys put your you know Get your feet wet Jump On In with no Experience and work so ten dollars an Hour equivalent to sixteen hundred Dollars a month 400 a week as a medical Scribe you will be the center of the Patient provider encounter learning Medical terms coding and transcribing Medical notes all from the comfort of Your own home once complete you will Send the notes to the provider through Our HIPAA compliance system and become a Valuable member of the health care Providers team this unique experience Allows you to stand out in professional School applications by learning medical Documentation and coding skills as well As giving you real world exposure to Multiple Health Care fields in fact Fifty percent of scribes pursuing Graduates school school go on the Reticulate after one year of scribe Experience at Robin so guys this one

Again is a work from home job and they Do have the states listed here I do see Referral bonus up to three hundred Dollars for scribe referrals which is a Great thing it says You must be able to Work at least 40 hours per week Monday Through Friday for a minimum of eight Plus months and pass the 90-day Probationary period this is no seasonal Work guys and the only thing that you Are basically doing is like subscribe Transcribing medical notes so easy peasy Job this is a great way to break in get Your feet wet Jump On In gain the Experience because there are other Companies out there that hire for the Same position but they pay a little bit More the company will provide you guys With the equipment I do see here company Provided equipment 100 remote work Environment great benefits which is Great medical dental vision life Disability 401k and I do see here guys The states are listed um Alabama Georgia Idaho Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi New Hampshire North Carolina North Dakota Oklahoma Pennsylvania South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Wisconsin Montana New Hampshire West Virginia Wisconsin and Wyoming so they hire in quite a few States this one is posted on the Non-phone blog there will be a link Right below the video in the description

Box so you guys can check out this Company again you don't need experience To apply for this job if you want to Break into this industry and get your Feet wet I know a lot of you guys are Going to be in the comments saying oh Ten dollars an hour again gain the Skills if you don't have any gains of Knowledge if you don't have any gain the Experience if you don't have any you Could work for this company three to six Months now you have the experience you Can go on and apply for I believe the Company is Nuance I think they pay like 17 18 per hour but you have to have Experienced guys with some of the Companies that pay more money so make Sure you guys go over to Google type in The company's name do some research just In case you get an interview with this Company I would love to hear somebody to Get hired at this company and let us Know like all the details and the Deets About the company make sure you guys Share my video leave me a comment down Below and then you want to hop on over To Facebook join the group KISS that Cubicle goodbye guys we have a lot of Other jobs posted over in the group and I do see a lot of people in the comments Saying oh I need a non-phone and oh I'm Looking for part-time and oh I need a Full time with benefits or one that's Going to pay for me to go to school we

Post a lot of jobs on Facebook so a lot Of jobs that you guys see over here well You may not see them over here a lot of Jobs that we post are not over here so Make sure you guys come over there join Us kiss that cubicle goodbye make sure You follow us follow us follow us over On our other Facebook page we have a Business page it is two chicks with the Side hustle we're giving away two Additional laptop computers again Everything is absolutely free when we do The giveaways you guys don't even have To pay for the shipping we ship the Computer for free to you guys or Whatever we're giving away you're gonna Get it for free so make sure you come Over there follow us on that page we're Trying to grow their platform to a Hundred thousand followers a hundred Thousand plus followers guys so make Sure you are over there and you are Tagging and sharing we already have a Lot of people from here from our YouTube Channel over there on their platform Sharing our content and it's easier to Share over there because you can tag Your friends your family members or you Can take some of the posts you can Create other posts and share them to Your Facebook page or you guys can do The Facebook reels now they have the Reels program over on Facebook so you Can create a reel you can come over to

Our business page and record a real Upload it to your personal page one to Two minute video or less than 10 to 15 Second videos however you guys want to Do it that is fine with us make sure you Follow us guys over on our other social Media platforms because we do have a lot Of giveaways going on throughout this Brand Make sure you guys come over to Twitter Tick Tock and Instagram two chicks with A side hustle now on Instagram guys we Are doing a pop-up giveaway so this Means between now and today is the 17th And the end of the month we are going to Pop up over on Instagram live stream Because we do everything online we do All of our giveaways guys on the live Stream so make sure that you go over There to Instagram you follow us and you Start tagging tagging tagging and Sharing sharing sharing like crazy Because we're gonna give away something Over on the Instagram platform I have no Idea what it is it could be a laptop Computer it could be a hundred dollar Cash app who knows make sure you follow Us my name is Carol I'll catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people in the Next video You too

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