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Foreign [Music] So I'm back again today with another Work from home opportunity I had to Hurry and get this video up today Because Starbucks is hiring again and This is a remote-based job that is Available only in the US I did post an Opportunity from Starbucks before and Their jobs can go really fast so this is Another opportunity that might go fast So if you're interested in it make sure You hop on it okay and check out my Resume templates there are ready to go Remote-based friendly templates that may Help you to land positions with Companies such as Starbucks so check out Resume templates available in the Description section below this video Alright so let's get into it this is Coming from Starbucks again and they are Currently looking for a data Administrator partner data operations And this job is a full-time position That paid between 52 000 to 89 000 per Year they also will offer a bonus for This opportunity and it is available Again in in the U.S the end date they Have here is February 8th so that's when They will possibly stop accepting Applications but this job can be pulled At any time from their website okay so Let's get into the details of this job Very quickly as a data administrator you

Will maintain large amounts of complex Data and ensure data Integrity track History files create problem logs and Analyze Trends balance multiple Priorities and meet deadlines Communicate data and timing concerns of Management as needed support Cross-functional teams to resolve Process issues and determine more Effective procedures to support business Needs most importantly you will be part Of a stellar team that works to build Their future and continual continuous Improvements customer-centric work and Flawless execution so they love to hear From people with the following working Knowledge of business critical Applications such as SAP with an 8 chart Backgrounds success factors Etc Experience maintaining large amounts of Complex data and ensuring data integrity At least two plus years a focus on Outstanding customer service internal Customers and successful Team Dynamics a Passion for establish and maintain Effective working relationships across All levels of the organization capacity To work both independently as part of a Team and as part of a team ability to Support projects and manage the process Independently including defining Developing documenting and executing Multiple related tasks okay so it does Require you to have some knowledge of

Business critical applications and if You have an HR background that is a plus Just maintaining large amounts of Complex data and ensuring data Integrity Which does require two plus years okay So those are what they're looking for if This is something that's right up your Alley then go ahead that and up and hop On this amazing opportunity with Starbucks they are currently hiring for This job and this job can expire at any Time okay so again if you're interested Link will be posted in the description Section for you to get started in your Application and I'll speak to you all Soon happy work from home bye

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