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Hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am Back with another work from home video If you are new here welcome to the Channel I hope you guys are having a Fantastic day make sure you subscribe Like and share because on this channel Guys we give away laptop computers and They are absolutely free the only thing That we ask is that you take the video Put it on your social media platforms be Sure to come back and leave us a comment Don't forget to go back check out all The videos that were posted on the Channel yesterday make sure you guys hop Over here to the two chicks with the Side hustle.com blog look under the Spotlight job section apply for Omni Interactions they are on a hiring spree For their income tax client also guys Scroll down look where it says the Recruiter reached out and looked for Tell us and apply they are looking to Hire over 200 people for their work from Home online data analyst position let us Know in the comments what type of work From home job you are looking for if you Want a non-phone job check them out on The Non-phoneworkathome.com blog and the Link Down Below in the comment section Is for Branded surveys make sure you Click on it and sign up today let's jump In so the company is Susan G Komen and They are looking to feel their remote

Specialist Breast Care helpline so we've Talked about this company before and This position so guys it says here that What you will bring to the table using a Social work model accesses the psych Psychosocial emotional and practical Needs of those with breast health cancer Concerns to help identify and prioritize Needs plan and coach for the next steps Also it says providing education Psychosocial support and information About local or other national resources Based on the need ensuring integration Of safe accurate consistent ever Evidence-based culturally responsive Breast cancer Health info and delivery Of patient services you will also be Providing education information coaching And support to patients considering Participation in clinical trials Including follow-up contacts now let's Scroll on down guys I do see here a Minimum of two years experience in Counseling oncology Social Work case Management or resource navigation Ideally in a call center environment a Clear and distance speaking voice or Distinct speaking voice accompanied by Excellent oral written interpersonal Communication and customer service Skills demonstrating cultural awareness And sensitivity ability to actively Listen demonstrate empathy establish Rapport and to gather organize compile

And present info effectively through a Variety of mediums computer proficiency And database internet and word Processing programs and openness to Feedback in coaching from the clinical Supervisors and directors now this job Pays 16 to 27 dollars per hour and it is Based on skills experience and of course Location and I did see on here guys that You could live anywhere within the US And apply for this job so again the Company is Susan G Komen they are Looking to feel their remote specialist Breast Care helpline the pay is 16 to 27 Dollars per hour I will be sure guys to Leave a link right below the video in The description box so you guys can Check out this company make sure you go Over to Google and do some research know Something about the company guys just in Case you get an interview you would want To be prepared and not surprised make Sure you share the video somebody out There is looking for a legit work from Home job and they are sick and tired of These scammers so make sure you help Your brothers and sisters out by sharing This awesome video with somebody also Guys don't forget about the other Giveaways going on in the group KISS That cubicle goodbye make sure you join Us because we do post a lot of jobs in The group that may or may not be posted Or even talked about on this channel

Because there are a plethora of Companies hiring right now also guys Don't forget about our two chicks with The side hustle Facebook business page We're giving away two additional laptop Computers and they are absolutely free All you have to do guys is come over There and share whatever you want to Share on their platform you can tag a Friend tell a friend however you guys Want to share the information but be Sure to leave us a comment don't forget To follow us on Twitter and on Instagram Two chicks with the side hustle on Instagram we are doing another giveaway Once we reach 10 000 followers so come On over there guys if you don't have an Instagram be sure to create it it is Free free free to create you an account And follow two chicks with the side Hustle Instagram page my name is Carol And I will catch you wonderful lovely Amazing people in the next video bye Bye YouTube [Music]

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