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Hey two chicks fam happy Friday evening I am back with a non-phone work from Home job but before I jump in if you are Looking for more non-phone jobs though Skip the interview non-phone Opportunities make sure you check them Out over here on the Non-phoneworkathome.com blog remember to Subscribe like and share the video we Are giving away 10 more brand new Laptops and they are free so go spread The word go tell a friend come back Leave us a comment don't forget guys to Go back check out the two videos that I Already dropped on the channel today Make sure you guys hop over to the other Blog it is two chicks with the side Hustle.com look under the spotlight job Section and make sure you guys sign up For Omni interactions and then scroll down And sign up for tell us both of these Are skip the interview companies and Don't sleep on branded surveys the link Is down below in the comments section And let us know in the comments what Type of work from home job or side Hustle you guys are looking for let's Get into it so the company is called Pride Health they are looking to feel This medical transcriptionist work from Home position so it says here that the Schedule is Monday through Sunday 9 PM To 7 A.M one week on and one week off so

Guys this one is an overnight position And I'm just now seeing that and we do Have some people here that are looking For non-phone overnight jobs so it says Your responsibilities the medical Transcriber it is technical Medical Data From recorded dictation and maintains Productive line counts and quality other Duties as a sign demonstrates Proficiency and knowledge of editing Results demonstrates proficiency and Knowledge of importing results also Knowledge of transcribing results Consistently meets and maintains the Quality requirements based on Department Goals ensures the correct spelling Punctuation and grammar in all reports Without changing the sentence meaning Consistently meets and maintains Productivity and reports turnaround time Requirements based on Department goals Demonstrates proficiency and knowledge Of departmental software applications Performed clerical duties related to Medical transcription now the education And the qualifications I do see here High school graduate or GED equivalent One to three years of progressive Transcription of radiology reports is Required base pay for this one guys it Is 23 to 25 dollars per hour now this One is on the non-phone blog there will Be a link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check

Out this company make sure you guys go Over to Google and do some research Search again the company is pride Health This is an overnight non-phone medical Transcriptionist work from home job the Pay is 23 to 25 per hour so make sure You guys check this one out don't forget To share my video somebody out there is Looking for a non-phone job and you just Might be the person to help them out so Make sure you take the video guys put it On your social media platforms share it With a friend or a family member but Don't forget to come back and leave us a Comment hop on over to Facebook join Kiss that cubicle goodbye we do post a Lot of different jobs guys in the group That may or may not be posted on this YouTube channel don't forget to follow Us on our two chicks with the side Hustle Facebook business page because This increases your chances of winning a Brand new laptop so we're giving away Two more brand new laptops over on their Platform so guys this is a way for you Guys to come over there start sharing The content because you might not win Over here on the YouTube channel but you Still have a chance to win on the Facebook business page and also don't Forget about Instagram and Twitter two Chicks with the side hustle now on Instagram we're trying to get to 10 000 Followers so be sure to come over there

Subscribe or follow us over on their Platform and start sharing the content Now on Instagram guys you can create Reels or put us in your story and then Tag us and we will see them make sure You guys leave us a comment though Somewhere because this way we know that You shared our content my name is Carl And I will catch you wonderful lovely Amazing people on the next video bye YouTube

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