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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from melissia at home And welcome back to another video happy Monday I hope you had an amazing weekend And you are ready to start off the week So we're starting off the week with some Amazing opportunities as usual so on Today's video I'm going to share two Work from home positions that are Currently available with CVS if you are Interested in any of these opportunities In applying for these jobs make sure you Check out my resume templates to make Sure that your resume is fully ready and Well equipped for remote-based positions Such as these so the templates will help To guide you in creating and putting Together the perfect resume for applying For remote-based positions okay so let's Jump into today's video so again this is Coming from CVS and they have Remote-based positions these jobs are Fully remote okay now if you're International that doesn't mean that This job is available in your country CVS is a us-based company and tend to Hire only in the US it is restricted to Just U.S residents at this time now Let's jump into this first work from Home positions they have posted and it Is a non-phone-based job meaning that It's not customer service you will not Be on the phone handling or dealing with

Customers you will be more so working Behind the scenes okay and you'll be Working directly for Aetna so this is Fully remote let's jump into the job Description you will develop and execute Comprehensive testing processes for System enhancements and new products and Processes encompassing all aspects of Customer service including claims Enrollment provider contracts that's a Checkout because this is a mouthful to Say and benefits Administration Responsible for creating and executing To find unit testing processes assist With testing simple system enhancements Prepare and executes and comprehensive Comprehensive test plan keyword years Testing you'll be doing a lot of testing You also verify that system functions According to user requirements and Conforms to established guidelines Validate test results report progress Communicate test outcomes perform other Duties as required so the pay upfront is 17 the maximum pay is twenty seven Dollars now keep in mind that this pay Range represents the pay for all Positions in a job grade within within Which this position Falls the actual Salary offer will take into account a Wide range of factors including location Where you are located so the average pay For this job is between Seventeen Dollars per hour and

27.16 per hour depending on your Location you may get the lowest amount The minimum or the maximum okay now Required qualifications coordination of Benefits diagnosis coding and general Customer services resources so for this Job you do need to have five plus years Related experience in the service center Claims processing or Managed Care Operational role okay minimum of one Year recent and a related system Processing payments benefits and Experience preferably q and x t managed Care and you have five plus years and Related in related experience in a Service center claims processing then This will be a perfect fit for you now In terms of preferred qualifications They want you to refer back to the Required qualifications those are their Preferred and also required in terms of Education they did not stay anywhere About you needing to have an educational Background in the qualifications section But if you have five plus years of Experience in service center claims and You know those areas then you should be Good to go so it doesn't list any Educational background specifically okay So this has come from CVS if you are Interested in this particular job you Can click where it says apply you can Also read some more information they Have listed on their job posts here and

You have videos that they have posted if You're interested in learning more about CVS and working for CVS okay so this is The first opportunity I wanted to share The next opportunity is for our customer Service representative role this job Does require you to be on the phone it Starts you off at 17 per hour which is The starting wage and you get to work From home this is also a fully remote Position so the American Health and Aetna CVS Affiliates has multiple Openings for customer service Representatives so they have multiple Openings for this particular role so if You're just wondering if it's just one Person they're looking to fill this role No they are looking for multiple people To fill their customer service role okay So customer service Representatives this Position handles customer service Inquiries and problems via telephone Internet or written correspondences Customer inquiries are of basic and Routine nature answer questions and Resolve issues based on phone calls Letters for members providers and plan Sponsors so in regards to the pay again They start you off at 17 per hour very Similar to the last position the maximum Pay is twenty seven dollars per hour of Course does this depend on your location As well as you know your experience Level level the qualification the

Required qualification for this job is Just customer service experience in a Transaction based environment such as a Call center or retail location preferred Okay such as preferred it's not Necessarily required demonstrating Ability to be empathetic and Compassionate experience in production Environments high school or GED Equivalents okay so that is their Required qualifications just customer Service experience in a similar role Call center or retail location is a Preferred is there preference that's not Required the educational level is high School diploma GED or equivalent Experience so that's basically a Qualifications in a job in a nutshell if You're ready to apply for this job just Clicker it says apply to get started in Your application so there you have it These are two remote based fully remote Based jobs from CVS that are currently Available in they are now hiring and They can go at any time so if you're Interested in any one of them make sure You hop on these job leads all right and Thank you so much for watching I'll see You in my next video Happy work from Home bye

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