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Hello hello and welcome back to another Amazing hot work from home job leads Video so on today's video we are going To be talking work work from home Remote-based virtual jobs coming from a Company called Disney Disney has Remote-based positions as well as some Amazing entertainment content that we Love and grew up on right so Disney is Of course a huge company and they have Positions that are available offline as Well as online jobs that you can do now These jobs I'm going to share with you In this video will will require you to Have some skills and some knowledge they May not ask that you have you know a Degree or PhD so if you went to college For four or five years and you have a Master's degree then you can also apply For this position just because a job Don't require this doesn't mean that it Exclude those who have it okay you may Also get high the highest maximum pay For the jobs if you do have a degree Knowledge and Skills is just as Important as a degree okay some of us Have life experience and we we may not Have a degree but we are very Knowledgeable so again Disney have Remote based positions I'm keeping my Screen up because I just love these Visuals on the websites so it's um very Entertaining let's jump into finding Remote based positions on Disney so if

You go to their job Sectionjobs.disneycareers.com you will Land on this page you can read their Statements on their websites the Walt Disney Company entertains and forms and Inspires people around the globe through The power of through the power of Unparallel Storytelling reflecting the Iconic Brands create native minds and Innovative Technologies families have Come to love over 90 years whether You're looking to create Magic in their Parks and Resorts support business Growth and development work behind the Scenes on your favorite TV shows or Upcoming movies or anything in between This is your opportunity to start the Next chapter of your career story and Help create exhilarating experiences Disney is known for Worldwide okay so where will your story Begin not sure what to search select an Environment to get started so if you're Not sure what exactly you want to do at Walt Disney they have some options here That you can go through okay so if you Want to work in their office they have Office jobs for you behind the desk If you want to work in their park and Resorts they have opportunities there as Well a production or entertainment Location if you want to work abroad or At Sea they also have positions in that Area so step one locate step two job

Level step three career area step four Results so you get the results of the Jobs that are available okay So that's basically uh the gist of that Let's get to the job search section so We're going to type in just a search for Virtual remote based positions work from Home jobs You're going to type in remote because Remote is the most popular keywords Keyword that I notice these types of Companies use in order for you to find Their work from home jobs so they may Not have work from home next to the Title it will always have like remote Base okay if you watch my videos Frequently you will notice companies Will use the keyword remote and in my Opinion I believe that you should also Use that keyword in your resumes as well As your cover letter okay now I have Spoken about this a while ago in a live Video and I also tell my clients who Ordered resume service about ATS system That is used by hiring manager this is Not new It's been going on for a while now okay So there are many candidates who are not Aware of this and it's very very Important that you know what that is Okay so I will try to do a video to Cover that and explain it but it's Important because it's just have to do With keywords so you have to have

Certain keywords that match any position That you're applying to for remote-based Jobs okay so it's it's not rocket Science and you don't need like a Full-blown course on this okay it's Pretty straightforward make sure Whatever's in your resume match with What they're asking for on a job post if They stress a certain word or statements If it's listed first on their Qualifications list that's what you need To pay attention to and then Skills qualification experience years of Experience as well as soft skills that They ask for soft skills such as someone Who's enthusiastic Empathetic things like that you want to Also mention okay so just okay so you Want to type in remotes on their job Search and then of course you're going To click course says search jobs and it Will be taken to this particular page Right so as you can see on your right it Says filter results refine results type A keyword so keyword is the key to Finding pulling up information all right So keywords can be if you're looking for Job customer service that's the key word So you will pull up positions that are Related to customer service all right so Keyword in resumes as well as in job Posts is often used to find jobs hiring Managers also use keywords to find the Right candidates these are the

Remote-based jobs that they currently Have on their website they have 257 Remote jobs these are the jobs that they Have that states remote as you can see They have software engineer Android Platform and then they have in Parentheses remotes remotes remote Remote okay so the remote is a keyword Now these positions I guess you can Categorize them as non-foam based and They are like high paying positions so They will require you to have some Experience and they are hiring in Different states in the US okay so these Are U.S jobs you have one job is for California Which is pretty good because I know Californians are always you know kind of Irated about remote-based jobs not being Available to their state so it's Frustrating so companies like Disney Definitely is a company that you want to You know look at if you are in these odd States that are usually left out of Positions to work remotely so they have Florida positions available they have a Position for Florida Texas you see a lot Of Californian jobs here you have one in The U.S this is hybrid meaning you can Work in the office or remotely so that's Basically what that means hybrid remotes Okay And I also have some positions That are international like India so for

India they have Engineering positions of course as you Can see they have a lot of jobs here Listed for engineering and if you're in Engineering you know that that's high Paying salary you can earn like 100 000 over a hundred thousand dollars per Year based on your experience how many Years of experience you have all right So majority of us may not be Engineers So you can browse through these jobs if You're not into engineering and you want To find something like in customer Service again you just go over to their Filter results and type in customer just To see what they have so I'm clicking on The go icon and I'm not seeing anything That says Customer service okay so they don't Necessarily have customer service Positions available they do have help Desk support Specialists but there's no Remote next to it so it may not be Remote based so majority of their Positions are in engineering you won't Find much customer service type of jobs Now these types of jobs because they Require such high level experience or Degree high level experience and skills Are like low competition meaning that You will not get a lot of people rushing Over to apply for these positions Especially especially if they are in the Remote area right so if you are applying

For a position for engineering and it's Remote base you're not going to have a Lot of competition necessarily so maybe This is a field that you want to Consider for a career if you are someone In college or considering a career field Technology is is definitely in high Demand and it is the wave of the future Right so especially like software Engineering positions and they pay Fairly well so just to give you an idea Of how much you can expect to earn gonna Scroll down to their salary on one of Their jobs and you can see Right eighty thousand dollars to 170 to 107 000 per year is the range for these Remote-based positions all right so Again If and this required 10 years of Experience in business to business sales Or Alliance role with consistent Demonstrated success in meeting Performance Target Um does not state that you need to have A degree so that's a plus you just need To have a certain amount of years of Experience so no degree is needed you Don't need to earn your Masters I know Those who may have went to college for Years and you have these High student Loans and here you have jobs I don't Even ask you for any degrees so that This is where we're going right you have A certain amount of years of experience

In a particular area and the skills and The ability to do these types of um Special jobs so this is coming from Walt Disney they do have remote-based Positions available high paying Positions that do not require to have or Degrees but you will need to have a Certain amount of years of experience if You're interested go ahead and click on The link to apply for this position and Other jobs that are currently available On melissiahome.com that are still Hiring happy work from home bye

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