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Hi everyone it's Suzanne today I'm going To give you two work from home job leads These are two companies that are hiring Right now one of them is going to be This customer support agent and my Second one's going to be a data entry Position that won't require you being on The phone so this is a customer support Agent with the company Sakari and you Can see here it is remote they're paying A great salary between forty and forty Six thousand dollars per year and it Says it is a full-time remote position They have a lot of different benefits Including cell phone reimbursement and Under the job description they're hiring Experienced customer support agents to Support their growing software business And they're located in San Francisco This position can be remote either from Home or from their San Francisco office So a little bit about the company Founded in 2016 they're an omni Channel Communication platform used by Businesses around the world to Communicate with their customers they're Growing fast and plan to add additional Channels Integrations and chat Bots with AI they serve thousands of businesses Across more than 40 countries and their Headquarters is based out of San Francisco so about this particular role You're going to be a customer support Agent responsible for creating great

Relationships with customers starting The moment they interact with Sakari That you will be a key rep of the Company helping shape and Define users Support experience with Sakari the Working shift is remote and works Monday Through Friday from 8 A.M Eastern to 5 PM Eastern so make sure you're aware of Those time zones so this is going to be On the East Coast time zone which is Around like New York so if you're in California you're going to be working From about 5 a.m to about 2 P.M So what you'll do provide customer Support via email phone and chat work With the tech support and Engineering Teams to resolve Advanced issues that You can't resolve report and record Customer issues document troubleshooting And problem resolution steps update the Ticket tracking system and create Knowledge base articles to expand the Knowledge for handling support issues What you'll bring is they'd only want One year of customer service experience And you only need to be 18 years old so If you're at the end of your senior year And you're already 18 and you have a High school diploma oh I guess you need A high school diploma then you can go Ahead and apply for this position so if You're getting ready to graduate from High school this would be a great Starter position for you excellent

Communication skills basic Community Computer skills ability to troubleshoot Basic and routine customer issues Enthusiastic to problem solve and Ticketing systems experience with Zendesk xera or a bug tracking system So what life is like at Sakari the Schedule is going to be Monday through Friday like I said remote work they do Have a San Francisco office but they Understand that remote work is The New Normal so it can be based out of San Francisco or in a U.S remote location You're going to get stock casual work Environment team trips training Unlimited udemy training courses Possible bonuses in addition to the pay You saw earlier retirement they're going To give you a new higher Hardware Allowance that means they're going to Pay 500 toward your computer or your Headset or whatever kind of equipment You need for the position health Insurance life insurance all the usual Stuff here going to give you a 50 a Month cell phone allowance and a hundred Dollars a month in commuter benefits Meaning if you have if you're going into The office and you choose not to do Remote which most of you are here for Remote you would get a hundred dollar Stipend to be able to pay against gas And things to go in the office but that Probably won't apply to you because you

Guys are all working or looking for a Remote job all right so the second and Job is a data entry Clerk and again it Is a fully remote job it does say Albany Georgia but a lot of times they'll put The location for the main office but They'll still be open to you working Remotely from other states possibly I Know we have a guy at our place we all Work remote and he lives in a totally Different state but it doesn't matter Because we're all able to log on online So this company is rainy GA and the Estimated salary for this position is Between 39 and 49 000 under the job Overview they're looking for a Detail-oriented individual to join us as A data entry clerk you'll be primarily Responsible for keeping the company Database up to date moreover you should Be able to gather required documents From clients and verify their Authenticity You should have excellent typing skills And a keen eye for detail besides you Should also be familiar with various Data entry software as a data entry Clerk you should ensure that the quality Control measures are met at all times You will be coordinating and overseeing The activities of the data entry Operator as part of your role you should Be able to maintain and update the Company databases timely you should also

Be able to handle invoice payments and Maintain an accurate record of the same Your organizational skills will be Beneficial in cataloging data with Appropriate tags if you are diligent and A fast typist then they might have a Place for you so if you do have that You'll want to apply but the main Responsibilities entering data from Customers verifying data from various Sources creating spreadsheets and Entering figures correctly maintaining And updating databases timely ensuring Data preservation by backing up Retrieving data from the database filing Physical copies of the data verifying Invoice details and handling invoice Payments cross-checking and rectifying Errors adhering to the quality control Measures ensuring that there is no Duplication of data and Gathering all Requirement docs and personal details From clients reviewing and cataloning Data with appropriate tags all right so Requirements high school diploma uh Proven work experience in the admin Department as a data entry clerk Operator typist or equivalent position So if you have any of those of course You're going to want to put that on your Resume that experience excellent typing Skills put your typing speed on your Resume demonstrating an attention to Detail familiarity with Microsoft Office

Communication problem solving time Management Independent and able to offer enhanced Customer service all right so this job Was posted eight days ago if you are Interested in applying for either of These two positions I'm going to go Ahead and put the instructions for you Down in the description for how to find This job and how to apply and otherwise I hope you guys all have a great day and I will see you in the next video

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