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Happy Saturday two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with another work From home video but before I jump in Make sure you guys subscribe like and Share on this YouTube channel guys not Only do we talk about legit work from Home jobs but we also give away laptop Computers and they are absolutely free And if you want one take my video make Sure you post it on your social media Platforms Facebook Instagram Twitter Tick Tock but don't forget to come back And leave me a comment down below also Let me know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you Are looking for and be sure guys to come Over here to the two chicks blog look on The home page tell us it's on a hiring Spree for their Raider position 14 an Hour non-phone no interview make sure You guys apply today and don't forget to Look in the comment section sign up for Branded surveys let's jump into the Video so the company guys is care Concentrix and they are looking to feel This remote Health Care customer service Expert CSC phone and they are offering a One thousand dollar sign on bonus so it Says here as a healthcare customer Service expert you have the opportunity To be the first point of contact for Patients needing the Home Health Care Services you will be responsible for Receiving and responding to incoming

Calls from providers referral sources And potential patients by collecting and Entering clinical and demographic info Into our care Centrix portal it says That the typical phone calls range from Interactions with customers who need Basic information to assist in those With more complex requests the more Challenging cause can be the most Rewarding because you know you are Making a difference to a customer or Patient that needs your help now they Are hiring multiple positions for this Role with a start date of April the 10 Hands so I would say hurry up and apply For this one now it does State here that You are passionate about health care and Believe that one of the best ways to do That is by helping improve the quality And access to care in the home you enjoy Working in a fast-paced environment you Are accurate with strong attention to Detail you have the ability to Communicate professionally you are fun To work with we take our commitment to Patients seriously but we don't take Ourselves seriously so for the Qualifications I see a high school Diploma or GED minimum of one year work Experience in a customer service role Good computer skills great communication And problem solving skills value Accountability consistency and Engagement through excellent attendance

Excellent customer service through the Ability to care for others now for this One guys the starting pay I do see 16.35 On the website it goes up to twenty Dollars an hour with a full range of Benefits including Health dental and Also Vision so this one guys again it is Carecentrics and I could be saying it Wrong but they are a health care company Make sure you guys go over to Google and Do some research about this company I Will be sure to leave a link right below The video in the description box so you Guys can check this one out and the link Will be posted on the two chicks blog Make sure you guys share my video Somebody out there guys is looking for a Health care company this is a great Company there are a lot of our Subscribers and also Facebook members That work for this company but make sure You do your own research just in case You guys get an interview you want to be Prepared and not surprised don't forget To hop over to Facebook join us kiss That cubicle goodbye that is the name of Our group and we are posting jobs in Their group every day and some of the Jobs guys 10 and I are finding left and Right different companies and they are Not posted over here on the YouTube Channel it's just so many and it's just Too many to post over here so be sure to Join our group don't forget guys to

Follow us on these platforms because we Are doing giveaways this year so make Sure you follow the group join kiss that Cubicle goodbye follow the two chicks With the side hustle Facebook business Page where we are giving away two more Laptop computers brand new and Absolutely free don't forget about the Instagram and don't forget about Twitter Two chicks with the side hustle now on Instagram we are so close to 10 000 Followers so make sure you guys come Over there and follow follow My name is Carl and I will catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people on the Next video bye Bye YouTube

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