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What's up two chicks fam it's me Carl And I am back with another work from Home video but before I jump in make Sure you guys subscribe like and share Because on this YouTube channel guys we Give away laptops and all you have to do Take my video put it on Facebook put it On Tick Tock share it with a friend but Be sure to come back and leave me a Comment down below don't forget guys to Go back check out all the videos that Were posted on the channel yesterday Make sure you guys go check out this Live stream from Sunday we talked about 10 part-time non-phone work from home Jobs and I know somebody out there is Looking for a non-phone part-time job Make sure you go check out the video and Share also don't forget to let us know In the comments what type of work from Home job or side hustle you guys are Looking for and be sure to hop over here To the two chicks blog on the home page Look for tell us tell us is seeking to Hire 200 plus people for their their Online data analysts work from home Position and don't forget to sign up for Branded surveys the link is in the Comments let's get into the video so Apple apple is hiring guys for their Apple support college program at home Advisor this is a part-time work from Home job so it says here that the key Qualifications real passion for customer

Service and ownership of the customer Experience including comprehensive issue Resolution potential for tailoring Communication style for different Audiences also able to self-manage and Work independently in a fast-paced Constantly changing environment teamwork Mentality with aptitude for sharing Expertise and appreciating the feedback Effective time management including the Ability to multitask organize and Prioritize ability to research and grasp Technical info across multiple tools While talking with customers now I do See here it says iOS smartphone tablet PC or Mac experience aptitude for Acquiring skills and Technical Troubleshooting and an eagerness to Learn while accepting new challenges now The description States as an Apple Support at home advisor you will be Supporting many of our popular products From iPhones to iPads to MacBooks to Desktop Macs as our customers first Point of contact you'll be the friendly Voice of Apple providing world-class Customer service troubleshooting and Technical support will rely on you to Listen to our customers and use your Technical knowledge creativity and Passion to meet their needs and also Remind them behind our awesome products Our amazing people because we believe Our individual backgrounds perspectives

And passions help us create the ideas That move all of us forward now we'll Train you to be the best this position And comes with competitive pay tuition Reimbursement phenomenal benefits Eligibility to participate in our Company stock plan or awarded stock time Off discounts on Apple products and Dedicated resources to support your Ongoing growth and career development Now I do see here experience and Education now this is for students so it Says students must be enrolled at a Four-year University in the U.S pursuing A bachelor's degree or higher computer Science business engineering and Computer systems computer information Systems majors are preferred however Guys if you are in school for something Else this is just preferred it is not Required 2.7 GPA also just preferred not Required availability to attend Approximately up to nine weeks of Required online training on a fixed Schedule that may include the weekends So the training may be either 2 24 or 40 Hours per week depending on the higher Date it says flexibility to work three Four hour shifts on weekdays between the Hours of 4 pm and 10 30 PM Central and One eight hour shift on the weekends Primarily Saturdays including holidays Between the hours of 7 A.M and 10 30 p.m Central Standard Time depending on

Business needs there is a possibility to Flex up or down in the weekly hours Worked successful completion of a Pre-employment assessment and a Background check successfully complete Initial training also a minimum typing Speed of 40 words per minute while in Conversations with the customers a quiet Workspace ergonomic chair and a desk a Hardware internet connection directly From a provider with a minimum download Speed of 10 Mbps and 3 Mbps upload at Your address with with less than 150 Ms Latency now the internet must be Hardwired to the home as well as to the Equipment provided so they are going to Provide you guys with the equipment so Again apple is hiring this is a Part-time work from home job they are Seeking to feel their Apple support College program at home advisor so if Anybody out there is in college then you Can apply for this job I'm not sure if They would take people that are not in College if you want to apply and just See then I suggest that you do so make Sure you go over to Google do some Research about the company guys know Something about the company just in case You guys get an interview you would want To be prepared and not surprised make Sure that you guys look under the video In the description box for the link and Also don't forget to share this great

Information with someone that may be in College that's looking to work from home And we do get a lot of people over here Here saying that they have children in College and they're looking for a work From home job this could be a great job For them make sure you come back though And leave us that comment down below Don't forget guys to hop on over to Facebook and join us the name of our Group it is kiss that cubicle goodbye Because we do post a lot of jobs Non-phone and phone in the group that May or may not be posted on this YouTube Channel because we are coming across Tons and tons of companies each and Every single day that we have never Heard of before we didn't know anything About or we if we have heard of them Before we didn't know that they had Remote positions so make sure you guys Join the group also don't forget to Follow us guys on our two chicks with The side hustle Facebook business page We have a lot of giveaways going on Across all of these social media Platforms so with the group once we Reach 250 000 members there will be a Giveaway in our our Facebook group on The business page once we hit a hundred Thousand followers guys we will be Giving away two additional laptop Computers brand new and absolutely free The only thing you guys have to do just

Like you do over here on the YouTube Channel is come over there follow the Page tag a friend tell a friend and just Share the information that is posted and Last but not least do not forget about Twitter and Instagram now Instagram we Are getting so close guys to ten Thousand followers I am super excited Because once we hit that magic number There will be another giveaway on Instagram so we did a giveaway back in December on our Instagram platform and We are going to turn around and do Another giveaway once we reach 10 000 Members or followers so make sure you Come over there to Instagram follow Follow share share share you can always Tag your friend tell a friend however You guys want to do it we don't care but Just make sure you come back and leave Us a comment somewhere my name is Carl And I will catch you wonderful lovely Amazing people in the next video bye YouTube

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