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Hey hey hey two chicks fam happy Tuesday Evening it is me Carl I am back with a Part-time 25 an hour work from home job But before I jump into the video if you Are new here Welcome to our Channel Please be sure to smash that red Subscribe button turn on that Bell Notification make sure you guys thumbs Up the videos and make sure you share Them on this channel guys we do real Giveaways and we are giving away 10 more Brand new laptop computers they are Absolutely free we already have the Computers so we're just waiting to get To a hundred thousand subscribers so go Spread the word tell somebody share Leave us a comment down below don't Forget to go back check out that Non-phone daily pay video that I posted On the channel earlier make sure you Guys hop over here to the two chicks Blog look under the spotlight job Section get these side hustle eggs in Your basket and also guys remember to Apply for Omni and foretellers and we do Have some other companies posted under The spotlight job section that you guys Should check out and sign up today make Sure you guys check out branded surveys The link is down below in the comments Section and also let us know what type Of work from home job or side gig or Hustle you guys are looking for let's Get into the video the company is called

Jack pockets they are looking to feel Their customer support associate Part-time work from home position now it Says here That as a customer support associate you Will serve as an expert resource for Jack pocket end users you will be Handling incoming inquiries and requests Across multiple Channels with the goal Of providing outstanding support and Delivering the best customer experiences Possible the ideal candidate will have An outgoing personality excellent Communication skills and experience with Support platforms and also social media Channels now you will be responding to All customer inquiries and support Requests across multiple channels and Ensure users needs are met and issues Are resolved manage ID verifications ACH Requests chargebacks and other Day-to-day operational functions Communicate with the end user via the Phone voicemail in-app and web messaging Email and social media and ensure Positive customer experiences Collaborate across internal functions And external on third parties to resolve Complex issues continually build and Maintain expert level product knowledge Now you will need some qualifications Guys for this job I do see prior b2c High volume support experience Proficiency with cs platforms such as

The help shift or zendesk excellent Communication skills both verbal and Written experience communicating with Customers via social media app store Reviews Etc you are familiar with the payment Processing systems and dispute Resolution it says ACH credit cards Chargebacks Etc you are willing to work And be able to work flexible and or Extended hours evenings slash overnight Is preferred Spanish fluency this is a Plus if you don't have it you still can Apply the base compensation for this Position it is 25 per hour now I did not See any State restrictions as far as the Work from home is concerned I did see Like New York I think in California Listed on here but I believe these two Here are on site because over here it Just says remote and they don't have any States listed so make sure you guys do Your own research make sure you share my Great video again the company is Jack Pockets they are looking to feel the Customer support associate position it Is part-time paying 25 an hour now I did Not see guys how many hours each week That you would need to work they did not Have that posted and I look for it but I Did not see it on their website so if Somebody knows the answer to that Question because I'm sure there's going To be a question for some of you put it

In the comment section so others can see How many hours that the Jack pocket Company are requiring for you guys to Work so again make sure you share the Link will be posted right below the Video in the description box so you guys Can check out this company make sure you Go over to Google and type in Jack Pocket see what comes up just in case You guys get an interview I will keep Saying this you want to know something About the company this could be one of The interview questions and you want to Be prepared and not surprised so go over To Jack pocket go over to Google type This company company's name in and then Jot down some stuff about the company Maybe when the company got started maybe Who's the owner of the company or Co-owner of the company maybe where the Company is located and what the company Stands for make sure you you jot some of These things down because you never know You just may get an interview make sure You guys hurry up and apply for this one It is a part-time job this paying paying This amount of money I'm pretty sure it Won't last long at all make sure you Share share share leave us a comment Down below we are trying to get to 100 000 subscribers and I am pretty sure I'm Pretty sure guys that we are going want To get there very very soon so make sure You guys share go spread the word tell a

Friend but be sure to come back though And leave us that comment because some Of you have not been coming back over Here leaving us that comment and then What you guys want to do is Hop on over To Facebook and join the group the name Of the group it is kiss that cubicle Goodbye and while you're over there guys On Facebook make sure you are following Us on our two chicks with the side Hustle Facebook business page we are Going to give away two additional brand New laptop computers over on that Platform or page make sure you guys hop On over there follow us and make sure You start sharing and leaving us Comments over there or you can tag your People on the post or the content Whatever we have posted because that is A way of sharing and we will see who all Posted or tagged or come or left us a Comment so make sure you guys hop on Over there we are trying to get to 100 000 followers I believe we are right Around like 51 000 followers right now And then follow us on Tick Tock Twitter And also on Instagram now on Instagram We are doing a pop-up giveaway guys so This means that we are just going to pop Up on Instagram and we are going to give Away something now right now I have no Idea what we're giving away it could be A hundred dollars we've been known to Give away money before on the last

Giveaway over here on the YouTube Channel we gave away five hundred Dollars for my birthday so guys it could Be a hundred dollars it could be 200 it Could be a thousand dollars it could be A brand new laptop computer it also Could be a brand new laptop stand for Your computer that you already have or It could be Amazon gift cards or Walmart So you just never know guys what we are Going to give away when we do these Giveaways so just make sure you go on Over there to Instagram them and follow Us and then you want to share us put us In your stories maybe create some of Those funny riddles about working from Home and direct your people to come and Follow us also on Instagram or you can Tag your friends your family members on The post that we whatever we have posted Over there just leave us a comment Somewhere so that we'll know that you Have shared our content my name is Carol And I will catch you wonderful lovely Fantastic people in the next video bye YouTube

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