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Happy Monday two chicks fam it is me Carl and I am back with a beginner Friendly chat job and this one guys is With a beginner friendly company so make Sure you guys check out this video and Make sure you guys hurry up and apply Now we were on the live stream last Night if you're looking for part-time Jobs we talked about 20 companies that Are hiring right now be sure to go back Guys and check out this video don't Forget to hop over to the two chicks Blog look under the spotlight job Section Omni interactions guys they are Still looking to hire people for their Positions work from home this is a Beginner friendly weekly pay company Make sure you guys apply and share don't Forget on this channel we do real Giveaways we're giving away 10 more Brand new laptop computers so make sure That you are subscribed make sure you Like the video make sure you go tell a Friend spread the word come back leave Us a comment down below and don't forget To let us know in the comments what type Of work from home job or side hustle you Guys are looking for be sure to sign up For Branded surveys easy peasy survey Site the link is down below in the Comments let's hop into the video so the Company is Sitel they are looking to Fill their chat customer service agent Work from home position so let's scroll

On down it says here that you must have A high school diploma or GED ability to Use a dual monitor PC with several tools And systems for an extended period of Time you're comfortable supporting Customers and interacting with peers in A technology driven environment Availability to work a full-time Schedule includes variable shifts such As morning nights weekends and Applicable holidays nice to have guys But not required if you have experience Supporting customers through chat email And phone Communications previous Contact center experience history three With payment processing systems and Financial services now it says here that You will drive customer support through Digital communication chat and email Using various channels and also tools Respond to customer inquiries with a Focus on providing a solution to the Specific issues help customers Understand the services offered and Discover which features will benefit Their needs troubleshoot access to Online services through password resets Meet or exceed performance expectations In regards to customer satisfaction and Other related metrics kpis now for this One the pay guys as you can see it is 15 An hour which is equivalent to six Hundred dollars a week one hundred Percent paid professional training

Employee discounts referral bonuses site Sitel fit wellness program educational Benefits are offered as well so this one Is posted on the non phone working at blog there will be a link Posted right below this video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company again the company is Called Sitel they are looking to feel Their chat customer service agent work From home position this is a full-time Position guys the pay is 15 an hour you Don't need any type of experience to Apply for this company now if you have The experience kudos to you that is Great you can put that on your resume But if you don't have the experience You're looking to start or break into The non-phone chat agent type of Position guys this could be the company For you make sure you go over to Google Type in scitel do some research about The company just in case you get an Interview you want to be prepared and Not surprised jot down some information About Sitel just in case they ask you Guys what do you know about scientill You want to be I already have the that Information prepared because you might Forget you might forget to go over and Google it the day that you get the Interview so you want to already have The information readily available so That is my tip for you guys make sure

You share this awesome video with your Friends family members be sure to come Back guys we've made it to 84 000 Subscribers we are trying to get to 100K Before the end of the year that would be Great so we can give away these 10 brand New laptop computers again they are Absolutely free to you guys just be sure To go tell a friend stick the video on Your social media platform stick it in Some Facebook groups be sure to come Back guys leave us a comment hop on over To Facebook join join join kiss that Cubicle goodbye make sure you guys Follow us over on our Facebook business Page we also have another giveaway going On over on that platform it is two Chicks with a side hustle guys be sure To follow tag your friends your family Members on the post post this is a form Of sharing we are giving away two Additional laptop computers same thing Over here they are absolutely free you Guys don't have to pay for the shipping Or anything we're going to ship you the Computer the laptop free free free so Make sure you tell a friend share share Share be sure to leave us a comment Somewhere over there we're trying to get To 100 000 followers and don't forget about Instagram Instagram guys we are doing a Pop-up giveaway on Instagram before the End of the year so make sure you tag you

Share you tell a friend all of that good Stuff you put us in your stories create Some reels about two chicks with the Side hustle and what we are all about Because we are trying to bless somebody With the gift before the end of the year My name is Carol I'll catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people in the Next video bye Bye YouTube

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