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Happy Sunday everyone I am back with Another work from home job this company They will train you and they do offer Flexible schedules so make sure that You're watching the videos all the way Through because I'm also it's going to Show you ways of how you can take Keywords from this job post and Implement it into your resume so you Have a better chance of passing the Applicant tracking system so make sure That you're watching the videos all the Way through as well and remember that This channel is all about non-phone work And home job leads they go out every Single day so let's go ahead and just Dive Right into actually the jobs here Okay now we're talking about the company Change Healthcare they're currently Seeking accounts receivable specials to Work from home as you can see on the Screen they're in State high restriction Listed you have to be living in these States in order to be eligible to apply For the job this is a full-time position As well as when you scroll down here it Tells you the pay the pay is between 13.7 cents to 29 dollars in two cents an Hour per hour that is a great um income And to give you a little bit of Information about what you're going to Be doing is you're going to research and Rebuild unpaid claims you're going to Also research and resolve accounts

Appearing on follow-up reports and this Job only requires a high school diploma Or equivalent and this this is a great Opportunity again they offer flexible Work environment where I got that Information they would train you is that They offer Career Development Center and Access to change Healthcare University For professional Learning and Development with more than 5 000 Training assets so that is where I um God that they will train you here and to Give you a little bit information about Change Health Care it is a leading Technology company that focus on Insight In the transformation of the U.S Healthcare System so we're going to dive A little bit deeper into what this job Is um Intel and what is asking for for You to do is you're going to also Correct all errors on electronic reports Using all available information you're Going to be presenting data to Appropriate parties in part partnering To develop resolution As well as when it comes down to your Ability to take patient phone calls Assist customer service when business Needs arise Um I reached out to hiring manager it's Only on a as a needed basis if they are Short-handed but again this is a Non-phone work at home job lead I just Want to repeat that even though it says

A phone job you're not on the phone this Is a non-phone work at home job lead This is only when they are short-handed And they're saying it's just every once In a while maybe six months or once a Year so I just want to throw that out to You and then they're looking for someone That has two to three years of Additional schooling related work Experience including minimum of one year Revenue cycle experience required basic Knowledge of Hospital electronic health Records which is H EHR system included But not limited to Epic and then if this Sounds like something that you're able To do then make sure you go ahead and Apply today by clicking here and before We go over the resume I also want to Leave some church and words with you is To keep pushing keep applying don't give Up there is a job out there being made For you Um stop comparing yourself to other People because that's what gets you in Trouble you know you stay in your own Lane you do what you need to do listen To what I have you know tell you about How to tailor your resume and you take These tubes and you study the job post And you shouldn't have any problems Passing the applicant tracker system so Again keep pushing keep applying don't Give up I believe in you you have to Believe in yourself go out there and

Grab what is yours today by applying for These jobs now I just want to also tell You about bookboat I don't want to go More into details because I've done a Um video where I go into details Um you can make a thousand a month Creating low content books and for those Who don't know what low content books Are these are journals law books Diaries And more so if you're interested in Getting the information and signing up And start making over a thousand dollars A month where you can work anywhere in The United States make for sure you go Check it out in my you description bar Links to sign up is in the YouTube Description bar okay now we're going to Start Talking about how to tailor your resume To the African tracking system okay the ATS again stands for applicant tracking System when you submit your resume it's Not getting into the hands of hiring Manager a lot of companies now are using This system our software in order to Wean out people that doesn't do not have The experience so I am trying to teach You how to tailor your resume to the job Post in order for your resume to get Past the African tracker system okay so Basically I got this resume template Um I like canva canva they have a free Version and they have the paid version I Use the free version for three years but

I eventually paid for the camera Pro Because I use Um canva all the time but all you need Is a simple resume template a black and White corporate resume that's all you Need because it's trying to pass the African tracking system so I just made Up a name I didn't put my name so you'll Put your real name I put Susie doe Jones And I put the phone number you always Want to put the phone number that where They can contact you as well as a Correct email address of professional Email address like Suzy Jones Your first last name are you gonna do Susie doe Jones your first Middle name and your last name you don't Want to use a personal email that says Baby boy Um Jones or baby girl Jones because Really those type of email address Recruiters hire managers they don't take You serious when you have use that type Of email address it's okay to have it as Your personal but when you're trying to Look for a work from home job or a do a Business opportunity you need a Professional email address and you're Going to see me go back and forth to the Job post okay now um when you go to the Job post you always want to take This job title word for word accounts Receivable specialist you don't want to Say account specialist you want to take

Word for word accounts receivable Specialists and copy and paste this into Um your resume template put remote Because sometimes they can have a remote Job as well as on site so if hire Manager want to just go in and just type In accounts receivable specialist you Would pull up because you have your um The title word for word and then you Come up with a simple resume Sam summary It should be short and straight to the Point I came up with a fish and account Professional with two years of Experience performance various accounts Receivable function knowledgeable about Preparing invoice processing payments And pursuing past due balance team or Dependable and performance driven okay As you notice in this resume summary I Took some keywords from the job post and Implemented into my resume summary and For those who don't know team Orton is a Key word Dependable is the key word Performance driven is a keyword all of This processing payments knowledgeable Preparing invoice those are keywords Um that you need to have from that job Post and implement it into your resume Okay and then When you go into the job post or the job Wreck there are keywords in the job reg Okay like rebuild unpaid claims that is Is some okay and when you scroll down They want you to have electronic health

Records ER system those are keywords Um experience with insurance denials Appeals those are key words that you can Put under your skills Um also reimbursement fee schedule those Are keywords uh Microsoft Office Suite That is a keyword Microsoft Office Suite Goes over Excel PowerPoint Um assets I'm being able to navigate Those are keywords organize detail or Ability to multitask able to work well With others so you can use teamwork and Then strong efforts experience these are All keywords that you want to implement It into your resume so okay as you can See key components is the same as skills So also Um I got the skills from the job post as Well as I Google what are the soft Skills of accounts receivable specials And what is the hard skills of the Accounts receivable Specialists and kind Of compare Apple to Apple and this is What I came up Keen Eye for details That's what you have to have you saw Microsoft Office Suite excellent Organization skills insurance billing Analytical skills EHR system accuracy And attention to details epic experience You see I got all that information from The job post problem solving negotiation Skills you got to be able to negotiate With the insurance carrier computer Proficiency that means you're able to

Navigate through the computer system HIPAA communication skills working Compensation critical thinking all this Information came from the job post Um workers comps all of that you know so You're taking the keywords from the job Post again see organized detail or Multitask Microsoft Office Electronic health records I'm taking all Of those and implemented into the resume In order for it to you know if hiring Manager recruiter go in and type in E-r-e-h-r system Which stands for electronic health Records they would pull me up because I Have that into my resume okay so they Use that to wean out the people that Don't have that type of experience so You know looking for a job is a job but If you put in that work you definitely Will find what you're seeking I've been Working from home ever since 2007 and I Remember hiring manager sat down and Talked to me because I kept getting Rejection letters after rejection and he Told me the same way that I'm talking Telling you and most people will charge You for this and but I just want to see More people in 2023 get remote jobs so I Am trying to do everything I can to help You so you hopefully you can take these Twos and Implement these into your own Resume okay now when you go to the Professional experience you always want

To put the company's name what's your Title when did you start if it's present I know that you see this blank um it's There but um I have another resume that You can pick it back off your resume Needs to be very professional just like This all the bullet points I am a job Coach resumed Revere interview help you Get prepared for that and I see a lot of Resumes that are not in complete Sentences they don't have bullet points And they're wondering why they're not Getting a call back or getting rejection Letters here so your resume needs to be Just as neat and simple like this but Again the skills they have the skills Down the bottom the skills should be at The top and then education at the bottom Okay so say for example If I was applying for this job here okay And I'm a customer service rep basically You're going to look at each position That you held and you're going to see What did I do in this position that is Similar to accounts receivable that I Can rearrange my bullet points because The applicant tracking system reads from Top to bottom so you got here is provide Exceptional customer service both in Person by phone through strong listening Skills remember that is one of the Keywords so I will put this first Providing exceptional customer service Both in person and by the phone through

Strong listening skills I will move this Bullet point up first and then I remove Skilled at zero and in and on problems And complaints to address concerns Quickly I removed that up second so Basically you want to go through each Job that you had and try to rearrange The bullet points to match the job post So you gotta always ask your yourself if You're applying for accounts receivable Specialist in your customer service what Did I do on this job that is similar to The accounts receivable in order for Your resume to pass the applicant Tracking system and that is how easy it Is it's not hard it just takes a lot of Work a lot of research a lot of people Don't like to research things but if you Really need a job that is something that You're going to do and you're going to Spend time on because when you do that You're going to reap the benefits you're Going to see that you're getting a lot Of invites and calls in towards an Interview and then next the last thing Is your education need to be there okay So there are free resume templates out There that you can use all you can do is Copy and paste things off into these Templates and you're good to go you Download it you always want to download It as a PDF file because that is what The applicant tracking system read is a PDF file that is how they read it here

So hopefully that you get that Understanding if you don't understand Something let me know in the comments What you need more help on again make For sure that you are sharing these Videos with everyone I am going to start In all of my videos is when I talk about A job show your resume sample and say if I was applying for this job this is how My resume would look like and make for Sure you give book about a chance if You're looking forward to make extra Cash I believe in multiple strains of Income that you need to have Um just in case if something goes down With your full-time job You can make a passive mcom with Bookboat Um it is a great opportunity Um to go ahead and get started making Journals and law books Um the price to start is 9.99 per month For newbies in 1999 per month for pro The only difference with the pro you're Getting the puzzle creation software Included once you sign up today you can Go start making your low content books Today download it to Amazon kdb share it On any other platforms that you have out There so make sure you go ahead and Check that out and remember uh make for Sure that you're watching the videos all The way through because there are Valuable information in my videos

Subscribe to the channel I appreciate You subscribing to the channel and Remember keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there With your name on it so go out there Today and grab what is yours by applying For these jobs thank you so much for Watching and I will see you in the next Video

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