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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with a skip the interview and You can live anywhere guys in the world And work for this company and you can Work whenever you want make sure you Guys subscribe like and share the video Because on this channel we give away Laptops and who doesn't want a brand new Laptop computer shipped directly to you Absolutely free you don't even have to Pay for the shipping everything is free Guys so make sure you take the video Share the video invite your friends Family members over here to the channel But be sure to come back and leave us a Comment don't forget to go back check Out that no experience 800 a week job That I posted on the channel be sure to Hop over here to the two chicks with the Side hustle.com blog look under the Spotlight job section guys make sure you Apply for Omni interactions and then Scroll down and click here and apply for Tell us Telus is seeking to hire two 200 Online data analysts so be sure guys to Check this company out and let us know In the comments what type of work from Home job or side hustle you guys are Looking for and be sure to sign up for Branded surveys let's get into it so Again the first thing you want to do you Want to come on the blog it is two Chicks with the side hustle.com you want To look under the spotlight job section

And click where it says properly and I Hope I'm saying this correct so this is One of those online tutor slash Teaching Company so guys let's jump in so this One you can set your own rate it says Choose your hourly rate and change it at Any given time on average the English Tutors they charge 15 to 25 dollars an Hour so with this one guys you can Basically charge whatever you want to Charge if you want to charge ten dollars An hour that is fine if you want to Charge 25 dollars an hour that is fine You can teach anytime from anywhere Decide when and how many hours that you Want to teach no minimum time commitment Or fixed schedule because you are the Boss it does say that you can grow Professionally attend professional Development webinars and get tips to Upgrade your skills you'll get all the Help that you need from our team to grow And as you guys can see here it says Teach students from over 180 countries Properly tutors teach 800 000 students Plus wow that's a lot of students Globally join us and you'll have Everything you need to teach Successfully you can steady stream of New students you have a smart calendar An interactive classroom convenient Payment methods professional development Webinars and supportive tutor community So this by far guys is one of the

Easiest work from home jobs in the tutor Slash teaching industry so they do have The frequently asked questions listed Here what kind of tutors does properly Look for so let's click right there no Specific certification or teaching Experience is required we welcome tutors Who enjoy sharing knowledge and making a Difference in students lives have Outstanding communication skills and are Willing to provide a personalized Learning experience to International Students now then it says what subject Can I teach we have over 100 subjects Guys on preply including languages School University subjects hobbies and Also art how do I become an online tutor It says that you provide some feedback Information you upload your headshot you Describe your strengths as a tutor Record a short video introduction up to Two minutes long and choose your Availability and that seems to be it and Then it says how can I get my profile Approved quickly sometimes we don't Approve tutor profiles at the first Attempt because the profile photo video Or description doesn't meet our Requirements make sure you are a re have A real user real photo guys please use a Real photo no buttons ladies take the Time to record a short video and Describe your strengths as a tutor in The description a Surefire way to get

Approved is to follow the tips given at Each step of the registration process so Make sure guys that you read read the Tips before you decide to do the videos Or decide to post a photo of yourself so Why should I teach on purpley and they Do have a list of things here earn by Sharing what you know get a steady Stream of new students looking to learn Online manage your lessons and connect With students easily then it says what Computer equipment so I do see here guys That you will need a laptop or desktop Stable internet a webcam and a Microphone for conducting lessons in the Properly virtual classroom is it free to Create a tutor profile on purpley and it Says here yes it is free to create a Tutor profile get exposure to students And use the purpley tools and also the Materials we only charge a commission For the lessons that you have taught the Commission for a trial lesson with a new Student is 100 percent the commission For the subsequent lesson started 33 Percent and decreases to 18 percent the More hours that you teach on purpley the Lower the rate of commission And then it says how much can I earn I Do see here what they say most popular Tutors on preferably earn up to 550 a Week that is some good money guys that's Over two thousand dollars a month just Teaching and signing in and out whenever

You like your earnings depend on the Hourly rate that you set the number of Lessons that you teach and how many Students continue learning with you After the trial lesson a tip for newly Registered tutors start with a lower Hourly rate to get your first students Faster and then you can always change That rate at any given time so what they Mean by this guys and I'm pretty sure You all know it's kind of sort of Self-explanatory if you have to start With eight dollars an hour ten dollars An hour just to get your student fan Base do that and then you can increase It over time it says privilege takes a Commission fee from your lessons to Bring in more students around the globe And develop an easy to use video tool And learning materials for your lessons And the reason why they probably take The fee just my guess I'm guessing is Because they're pushing your profile to The students and also they are the ones Out there campaigning to get the Students to come into this particular School if that's what if that's what you Want to say guys this particular school So that's what I want to say so that is It in a nutshell again two chicks with The sidehustle.com come on the Block Look under the spotlight job section Click where it says prep early guys you Can make 15 to 25 probably to 35 an hour

Whatever you guys want to charge they Are saying here that the popular tutors Make up to 550 a week and that is some Great money you are the boss you pick And choose when you want to work there Is no interview you just have to go Through this short process on becoming a Online tutor and you do not need any Specific certification or teaching Experience is required with this company Similar to cambly but I guess the Difference would be cambly is per minute And they're not taking commission and This one is you're charging what you Want to Um get from your students You're charging the amount and then They're taking a commission so I think both are good though so any Guys make sure you check this one out Again it is on the two chicks with the Side hustle.com blog in case you guys Forget I will be sure to put our link Right below the video in the description Box so you guys can check out properly Be sure to go over to Google it takes Only one to two minutes to type in the Company's name look at the reviews see What comes up also guys I would suggest Going on YouTube looking maybe at some Videos on how to prepare for the demo And how to do the profile and things Like that so make sure you guys go over There a lot of teachers slash tutors are

On YouTube and they're giving out this Information for free on how to do these Demos and how to prepare for the demo What you should do what you shouldn't do What type of um photos you may need to Upload on your profile how to engage the Students to come into your classroom and Choose you as a tutor or teacher so get Some tips from you to guys that is what I did when I was teaching the students Over in China and some of the other Countries as well I did that for a lot Of the schools that I worked for so be Sure to go over to YouTube Type in Properly and see what comes up make sure You join our group it is two chicks with The side oh I'm sorry make sure you Share this video Let's Get that out the Way First share the video guys be sure To come back and leave me a comment and Then go join the group now the group is Kiss that cubicle goodbye the Facebook Business page it is two chicks with the Side hustle make sure that you are Following both of those platforms Because we are still giving away some Nice items so make sure you are Following us guys and make sure you are Sharing last but not least don't forget About Instagram two chicks with the side Hustle come over there share share share Make sure you leave us a comment though Somewhere so that we can put your name On the giveaway list my name is Carol

And I'll catch you wonderful lovely Amazing people on the next video Bye YouTube

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