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Hey hey hey this is TNG from two chicks With the side hustle coming at you with Another work from home position but Before we get started do me a favor hit That red subscribe button also hit that Bell notification button so you can be Notified whenever we post a new video or Do a live stream and remember on this Channel sharing is caring so do me a Favor take this video of any or any one Of our other YouTube videos and share Them with your friend family anyone who Is looking to work from home and come Back under the video type I shared and You will be entered into a drawing to Win one of ten laptop computers when we Reach 100 000 subscribers also on Facebook once we Reach 100 000 followers on our business Page we will we will be giving away two Laptop computers also so please share in Both places to increase your chances of Winning well today guys our position Comes from our two chicks with the side Hustle blog and is is for a customer Care specialist for love and logic and What love and logic is is they help People who Um are children who have emotional Issues so basically Um diagnosed with anxiety and things Like children who are diagnosed with Anxiety Um so what this job summary is is

Parents grandparents teachers School Administrators and social workers called The love and logic customer service line To answer to ask questions and place Orders Um the cause can range from a concerned Mother inquiring how to end temper Tantrums with her toddler or an Administrative purchasing workbooks for Their school Um they are looking to add to their Customer service team because of growth Um you'll interact with customers via Email or telephone you'll do quotes Ensure appropriate actions are taken to Resolve customer issues Um use knowledge of the product to Answer inquiries Um you'll perform other duties as Asked you'll be you will need to have Excellent communication you'll be Service oriented and the proficient Um Computer skills with the ability to Learn new software and you'll need to be Able to thrive in a team environment so Click the apply here button this looks Like a easy position you can live Anywhere within the 50 states of the US And the times will be from 7 30 a.m to 4 30 p.m Mountain Standard Time so Make sure you apply for this position And good luck to those of you who apply Have a great day bye

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