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Hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am Back with a non-phone work whenever you Want and it could be a part-time job or A side hustle one of our members she was Making twelve hundred dollars per month From this company remember to subscribe Like and share on this YouTube channel We talk about legit work from home jobs Side gig side hustles and guys we also Do live streams and we give away laptop Computers so if you guys want to win one Of these brand new laptops that we will Be giving away once we reach a hundred Thousand subscribers make sure you take This video and go share it with a friend Or a family member posted on your social Media platforms but don't forget to come Back and leave us a comment let us know In the comments what type of work from Home job or side hustle you guys are Looking for and if you are looking for a Part-time jobs that are hiring right now Make sure you guys go back and check out Their live stream video that we did on The channel last night make sure you Guys apply to Telus International they Are posted over on the two chicks blog Look on the home page and don't forget To sign up for Branded surveys the link Is in the comments let's hop in so the Company is fancy hands and you guys have Heard us talk about this company before It says that they are currently hiring People to work as virtual assistants for

Thousands of very Discerning users of Their site now if you have fast internet Connection and the ability to use common Websites and software this could be a Lot of fun we're looking for smart People who want to help build a great Company and get paid keep reading if You're interested are you good on the Phone and great at internet research Then this could be the perfect position For you so what this is guys you will be Doing different tasks you may have to Make phone calls on behalf of people you May have to schedule appointments with The doctor's office a business it could Be a hair appointment it could be Um An appointment you know to go meet Somebody another maybe another executive Or a CEO of a company you will be Tracking down the best price for Something finding hotels that meet Certain criteria data entry more phone Calls now the thing is with the phone Calls and I know this is posted on the Non-phone blog you can pick and choose Which task you want to do so if you Don't want to do the ones where you have To get on the phone and call someone I Would say don't pick those if it's one Where you can schedule an appointment You might not even have to call to Schedule an appointment it could be via Email it could be via text you have to

Track down a price for something you Guys can just look that up on Google or Whatever search engine the client wants You to use so this one we was kind of Torn between and posted either on the Non phone or the phone because I ordered Two chicks blocked because with this one You don't have to do the task that our Phone calls now if it's an easy task Such as booking a appointment scheduling An appointment maybe you have to call The airport to get a price if you cannot Find it online or you may have to call The library ask a question those are Simple easy peasy I got hired with fancy Hands so I was able to take a look at The task on the back end on the Dashboard and the tasks were very simple Easy task some of them are phone calls But some are not and like I said if you Don't want to do the phone calls don't Choose those tasks and the task they go Anywhere from three to seven dollars per Task and they go up from there now when I got hired with the company they had a Lot of tasks posted on the dashboard and They will email you when a lot of tasks Do come in from their clients because You have to be kind of kind of fast and Get these tasks done especially when People are waiting for these tasks to be Completed so it says that who we're Looking for a very strong written Communication skills people will tell

You what to do you must be able to Figure out what they're asking for and Be able to get a clear response back to Them and that that is correct you need To have a computer and a reliable Internet connection people with Knowledge of different fields Self-starter you should want to take on More responsibility and try new things Now the pay to start tasks are worth Anywhere from three to seven dollars per Task and they go up from there payments Go out every other week so this is Bi-weekly every other week on a Tuesday Now it says this position in this Company they have huge room for growth You can Define your own hours ideally we Want people around 24 hours a day so if You got a time at 4 a.m that is great if You want to work nine to five with the Company that is totally up to you guys So again the company is fancy hands be Sure to go do some research now the way To get hired with fancy hands I'm going To give you guys this tip because the Tip was given to me for free free 99 so You do have to take an assessment the Thing is with the the assessment they're Going to ask you I think it's three Different questions well when I did Mines it was three and I had to choose One you must be Detailed on the answer so if it says That a customer wants to go to see the

Statue of Liberty What time should they get there guys do Some research on the answers and be Precise if they have to arrive at nine O'clock State nine o'clock Eastern Standard Time go through the front door The color of the door is purple you will Turn left if you see a stop sign the Stop sign is red and white with a green Pole so you have to be very detailed and Very precise adding the colors if you Even know the measurements even if you Don't even know the measurements but you Think you know put it down for the Answer so that isn't my tip with them be Very very precise So that's the tip for the assessment With uh fancy hands make sure you share My video somebody out there guys is Looking for one of these and this is a No interview so this could be non-phone No interview or it could be no interview Non-phone and phone but again it is Based off of the task that you guys Choose to do and you can work whenever You want and you can pick and choose From whichever task I'll say that again For the people in the back because Somebody is going to miss what I said And they will be down in the comments Saying oh no this is not non-phone this Is phone so yeah I'll say it again you Can pick and choose the tags that are Non phone make sure you come back after

You share this video don't forget to Come back and leave us a comment down Below hop on over to Facebook make sure You guys join us the name of our group It is kiss that cubicle goodbye don't Forget guys to follow these social media Platforms because we are doing these Giveaways we got a ton of stuff tan has Stuff over at her house I have stuff Here at my house I found and because I Got so much stuff I found some headsets Recently like a week or so ago and I'm Like oh where did these come from forget That I bought them so we're trying to Get this stuff out to you guys so all You have to do is just take the videos Take the blog links the blog post you Can tag a friend tell a friend call your Church member call your next door Neighbor ask anybody that's looking for A legit work from home job and then Point them in our Direction don't forget To follow the two chicks with the side Hustle Facebook business page also guys Don't forget about Instagram now on Instagram we are so close to ten Thousand yeah Ten thousand followers don't forget to Follow us two chicks with the side Hustle my name is Carol and I will catch You wonderful lovely amazing people on The next video Bye YouTube [Music]

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