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Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and I'm back With another job for you guys and this One right here is coming from the Company medbridge development and They're currently looking for a patient Services assistant okay this is going to Be a full-time job for you and I like This one because they're not asking for A lot of experience okay so let's go Ahead and get into the details so they Do have some preferred locations for This job you do not have to be in these Locations but it is preferred so they do Prefer people in California Georgia Wisconsin and North Carolina and they Also prefer someone who's bilingual so Again that's not a requirement those are Just their preferences with this job Right here it's fully remote you can Work in the office if you'd like you Will get PTO you got to get your Benefits and you're going to get paid Between 19.75 to 23.75 cents an hour with this Shop you got to create and manage follow Reports in Excel for each assigned Client you're going to generate and send Patient Finance statements for patient Accounts set to cash pay self-pay or Insurance check you're going to make Financial calls about outstanding Balances or needed patient involvement

With insurance you're going to organize And send accounts to collections if You're unable to collect outstanding Balances you're going to make and record Account adjustments in their billing Software and Excel and you're going to Process incoming patient services Correspondence this is going to be Return statements bankruptcy notices and You're going to answer the phone lines Ringing to their Department pre-op Post-op operator and your two lines and You're going to assist coordinators with Scheduling cases in HST and Authorization follow-up you're going to Run monthly reports for the manager or Coordinators HST surveys Revenue Collected estimates not scheduled and They want you to have the ability to Start at 6 30 a.m Pacific Standard time Or end at 5 PM Pacific Standard Time as Needed and they're only looking for you To have organizational skills attention To detail commitment to customer service Professionalism proficient and computer Or software word excel Outlook Adobe or PDF excellent phone verbal and written And editing skills interpersonal skills Be able to manage stressful situations Previous experience in healthcare or Financial collections is preferred okay Of course if you guys are interested in Applying definitely check out that link In the description bar you guys already

Know if you have any questions or any Comments you can leave those below and As usual I thank you guys so much for Watching I'll see you in my next video Good luck to everyone who applies for The job

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