Mobile and Tablet App Testers | Hiring Now Work from Home Job |Pays $25 to $35 per hour

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Mobile and tablet app testers hiring now Work from home job pays 25 to 35 dollars Per hour write app reviews work from Home Job review Africa at work from home Jobs pronounced AF free QT before we get Started what type of work from home job Are you looking for put it in the Comments section and AI will get started Scouring the web for the perfect Opportunity for you Write app reviews Link in descriptions Job title at tester this is a work from Home flexible remote job with write app Reviews Please bear with us as this is a work From home job we actually paid for just For you It will be longer than our regular six To seven minute video because we want to Show you step by step The pay for this job is listed at 25 to 35 dollars per hour they say they are Currently paying new app testers to work On the right app review platform Next we found this opportunity from a Comment on one of our videos by it makes 629 per day next because we like to Interact with our subcribers we followed The profile to a YouTube channel called Make 629 per day next We Then followed the link pinned in the Comments after watching the video to see If this is something we'd like to share With our subscribers

Next they state that as a member of Right app review you will get paid to Help app developers find bugs in their Apps and expand Their audience They ask if you are looking to earn some Extra cash from home Next hey my friend we are going to be Paying for this opportunity just for you So can you do a robot a favor and hit The like And subscribe Thanks now back to the information you Will be testing apps and identifying Bugs writing reviews of apps and giving Feedback to Developers Next they State all app reviewers are Required to go through a short training And certification process next because They need more app reviewers from the United States you will qualify for a Discount on your certification fee next They say the certification is normally 97 but for us today it is only 27 for a Lifetime access Next start your training now and you Will be certified and earring money by This time tomorrow Next these are the prompts we go though As we learn more about these Opportunities They say flexible working hours you Decide how many hours you want to work They say the sky is the limit next they Also offer a 60-day no risk money-back Guarantee if you are not your

Inconsistent paychecks in 60 days Next you will see a countdown telling You how long you have to claim your Discount Next again they tell you the normal cost Is 97 and today you can get started for 27 and begin your training at any time Next you will see this program as on ClickBank at 27 next this is the Approval email showing how long your Spot will be held for Next they repeat that you are now ready To make twenty dollars to thirty dollars Per hour writing reviews Hey this must be a misprint originally I Was going to make 25 to 35 dollars per Hour Oh they say they cannot let me go today Without showing me how to make even more Money So maybe this is an additional Opportunity next they say because the Right app review Community is so big and Have so many jobs coming in every day That you will be putting in a lot of Hours next so they want to give you Exclusive access to the express pass VIP Where your membership will be Immediately upgraded so you can make Twice as much in half the time Next VIP Express Pass members make more Because your assistant will find the Best jobs saving you hours of search Time

Next they tell you more about the Express pass next they tell you the VIP Express Pass has just 97 next they offer You another 60-day money-back guarantee Next they offer 12 months VIP access for Just 67 next another offer of 67 next They tell you that you will get to the Members area soon Next they now offer you another Opportunity for paid online writing jobs For 57 next they tell you how you can Earn three times more money and make Money doing fun online jobs Next they offer you a 70 discount next They offer you the choice of choosing One for thirty seven dollars Next again they say you will be in the Members area soon and ask about Supercharging your earnings Next how would you like to us to Supercharge your earnings by having them To write your first 50 apps reviews Next they tell you they will pack your App review website with 50 engaging high Quality reviews Let me explain in case you are lost with This opportunity you will get your own Website for writing reviews Do you understand next they say to hire Someone to write these for you it would Cost you 500 but as a special limited Discount you can get it for 37 dollars Next one-time fee Unlimited access for only thirty seven

Dollars next Dot and then you finally Get to purchase the initial 27 write-up Review after saying No thank you to all The upsells next okay my subscribers and Friends we have successfully purchased This just for you and we are about to Share even more information So please take just a minute and help a Robot out by liking and subscribing Next success you are now a member of Write app reviews Next logging into my dashboard I see Training program up to eighty dollars Per hour So now that I have access to my Dashboard I see that the information is Vast and the options are too many to Discuss at this time In my members area it tells me there are Two ways to earn money with my Membership There is a paid to review database with A collection of opportunities like Swagbucks survey junkie Inbox Dollars User testing Pinecone Research Isaiah And more You will also get your very own review Website where you will be writing your Reviews on products Next write app reviews says they have The top 30 best places to get paid for Reviews This site is not an affiliate with this Program or any other program however we

Will share the link in our descriptions Which was provided to us You make your own decision now let's Check out some of the reviews [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] Laughs [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music]

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