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Hey hey two chicks fam happy Friday Evening it is me Carl and I am back with Another work from home video Mutual of Omaha is hiring guys but before I jump In make sure you guys subscribe like and Share on this channel we give away Laptops and we're giving away 10 more Brand new laptop computers absolutely Free the only thing you guys have to do Is take the video share it with a friend Be sure to invite your friends and Family members over here to the channel And leave us a comment down below don't Forget to go back check out all the Videos and I did drop a few part-time Jobs on the channel today I also dropped An immediate higher part-time work from Home job on the channel last night so Make sure you guys go back and check out These part-time jobs share the videos With a friend hop over to the two chicks Blog on the home page look for Omni Interactions and also for tellers both Of these guys are skip the interview Opportunities let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job You're looking for and be sure to sign Up for Branded surveys let's get into it So again Mutual of Omaha they are Looking to feel this service specialist Workplace Solutions remote job so let's Scroll on down and let's find out what You guys will have to do it says that You help promote a culture of diversity

And inclusion within the department and The larger organization you value Different ideas and opinions you listen Courageously and remain curious in all That you do you are able to work Remotely and have access to high-speed Internet you must be located in the U.S Or Puerto Rico excellent human relation Skills good verbal and written Communication skills knowledge of Group Insurance products demonstrated Attention to Detail and ability to make sound Justified decisions demonstrated ability To provide quality and thorough customer Service demonstrated organizational and Analytical skills demonstrated ability To multitask work Under Pressure meat Deadline requirements be flexible to Meet changing customer needs I do see Here guys knowledge of Group Insurance Products excellent teamwork skills Strong background and contract language I do see bachelor's degree in what we Can offer you wish to pay for this one Guys it is 22 dollars an hour so let's Scroll back up and let's get to what You'll do determines the intent of Policyholders and Brokers and group Office inquiries regarding Implementation enrollment billing and Accurately respond by investigating Analyzing and resolving all questions And concerns to meet our customer

Expectations you will review and analyze All data submitted and when necessary Initiate calls to policyholders and Brokers to obtain missing info or Clarify questions to ensure proper Handling on the front end train in or Provides explanation to policyholders And Brokers on Billings enrollments Procedures and other business processing When needed to ensure efficient and Effective Services also provides Excellent service recovery to include Turning complaint error situations into An advantage and using every contact as An opportunity to provide a positive Customer experience so guys again Mutual Of Omaha they are looking to feel this Service specialist workplace Solutions Remote job the pay is 22 dollars an hour And they do provide you guys with Equipment and also I do see some Fantastic benefits listed here tuition Reimbursement training and career Development comprehensive benefits plans That includes medical dental vision Disability also life insurance I do see Flexible spending accounts for health Care and child care your needs 401K Competitive pay with an opportunity for Incentives for all Associates which that Is great flexible work schedules with a Healthy amount of paid time off for more Info regarding available available Benefits you can always visit their

Career site and guys this one is posted On the two chicks blog I will be sure to Leave a link right below the video in The description box so you guys can Hurry up and apply because the closing Day for this one is next Tuesday so make Sure you guys hurry up and apply for This job before it closes again Mutual Of Omaha this is a full-time work from Home job the link will be down below Under the video in the description box Make sure you go over to Google do some Research because you will have to do an Interview with this company and you need To know guys something about the company Again you want to be prepared and not Surprised make sure you guys share my Awesome video with your friends family Members but don't forget to come back Leave us a comment down below and then Hop on over to Facebook join kiss that Cubicle goodbye follow two chicks with The side hustle and follow us on Instagram and on Twitter two chicks with The side hustle we have a lot of Giveaways going on and you guys want to Stay connected because we do Post other Jobs over in the group that we may or May not have posted or even talked about On this YouTube channel so stay Connected my name is Carol I will catch You wonderful lovely people in the next Video Bye YouTube

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