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Foreign This is Melissa from melissia at home And I'm back with another video so I Just posted a video earlier today and Unfortunately the job expired at the Time that it was posted so what a timing Right now I do have another company a Backup so if you are interested in the Uh job that was posted earlier today There is something similar to that Opportunity and it has a similar pay for This one is slightly higher alright so This is for Magoosh they are looking for Access recruiting and engagement Specialists and this is it looks like a Non-phone-based job you basically will Be handling some emails okay so the Access recruiting engagement specialist Role is a full-time hourly role that Will support the Recruitment and Engagement of graduate school applicants And school Partners so you will be Reporting to their general manager of Access and you will also support access Program which provides free and near Free resources resources discounts and School exposure to underrepresented Groups of women and applicants this is 100 remote role work from anywhere in The US you must be authorized to work And live in the U.S location-based Salary range is 33 dollars and fifty Cents to thirty five dollars per hour And this is for San Francisco Bay Area

Metro area New York Tri-State metro area Seattle Tacoma metro area they also have They have different tiers so that is the First tier the second tier pay is thirty Dollars to Thirty One dollars per hour And this applies to all other cities in The US okay so for this position you Will reach out to access prospects You'll be responsible for outreach and Engaging with an expected result of at Least 1 000 new access members annually Engage with access members lead Engagement q a and Outreach with current Access members manage events to support Outreach engagement support engagement With Partners you are someone that is Passionate detailed project manager Savvy prioritizer you pay close Attention to detail yet have a firm Grasp of the big picture you are able to Manage several projects with different Deadlines simultaneously and know where And when to prioritize Focus So these are just the um you know Qualifications and skills that they're Looking for that they have listed here a Team player a motivated go-getter Comfortable failing fast nice to have if You have marketing Knowledge and Skills Marketing metrics and analytics graphic Design branding then that those are nice To have you don't necessarily need to Have that but it'll be good if you are Familiar with those things not least you

Have a passion for making a difference In leveling the education Playing Fields Extra credit if you have online Marketing and social marketing Experience they also want you to feel Comfortable applying even if you don't Meet all the requirements for this Position okay so even if you don't meet The group so even if you don't meet the Requirements for this job then Definitely give it a shot all right now They didn't list much experience in Regards to having years of experience in A similar role or any of that is listed So even if you don't have you know Worked if even if you have not worked in A similar role then I will still go Ahead and apply for this job if you feel Like this is within your area and you Feel confident in that okay so basically It mentions email Outreach so you'll be Emailing using email to contact and do Some Outreach to their prospects okay You may also utilize social media Posting on social media maintaining Access website with latest events Messaging and branding optimizing As well as optimizing so this is mainly Online based and it's not phone based Okay so this is just another work from Home opportunity very similar to the Last uh position that I posted today so This is a backup and if you're Interested make sure you click on the

Link in the description section and get Started in applying for this position

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