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Hey hey hey this is TNG from two chicks With the side hustle coming at you with Another work from home position but Before we get started do me a favor hit That red subscribe button also hit that Bell notification button so you can be Notified whenever we post a new video or Do a live stream and remember on this Channel sharing is caring so do me a Favor take one of our YouTube videos or Take this YouTube video share it with Your friends family anyone who is Looking to work from home and you will Be entered into a drawing to win one of Ten laptop computers when we reach 100 000 subscribers thank you for those of You who have shared thus far we really Appreciate it and thank you well today Guys We have a position that comes from our Two chicks with the side hustle blog and It is for my people who are counselors So if you are counseling or if you are a New counselor or if you are an Experienced counselor this role may be For you Um the Trevor Project is looking for an Overnight crisis worker to work their Crisis hotline now this role must be Based in anywhere in the continental U.S Or why Hawaii or Alaska so if you are Someone with this type of experience and You live in the continental U.S Alaska Or Hawaii

Um and you think you will be great for This role keep listening so The range for the salary range for this Is 26 dollars an hour and what you will Be doing is you will work with people Who are going through crises in their Lives Um they support the Trevor Project Supports the lgbtq youth who need Someone to talk to Um so that is what you will be doing Um you need to be someone who is Passionate a clear Communicator Um you must be experienced and grounded Organized empathetic I'm flexible and a Team player you'll provide suicide if Intervention counseling Um you'll build trust and provide a Safer place for you to explore their Issues surrounding sexuality gender Identity and suicidal ideation Um you assist other with abuse reporting Um your counsel other counsel with other Counselors and Lifeline Associates Um you'll successfully complete Mandatory trainings they have a generous Vacation packed it uh package you must Have the ability to have a quiet space Where you can talk privacy they do Provide a stipend for internet and you Must have the ability to work over late Nights and early mornings so please hit That apply here button and apply and Thank you and have a great day bye

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