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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with another work one you want Work from home job but before I jump Into the video make sure you guys Subscribe like and share because on this YouTube channel not only do we talk About legit work from home jobs side gig Side hustles but guys we also give away Free laptops and if you want one take This video go post it on your social Media platforms Facebook Instagram Tick Tock Twitter but don't forget to come Back and leave us a comment now I have Been dropping a ton of work when you Want no degrees no resumes no assessment Videos be sure guys to go back and check Out those videos somebody out there guys Is looking for jobs and companies such As these so once you apply make sure you Pass it over and let your friends and Family members apply as well don't Forget about Telus International they Are posted over here on the two chicks With the side hustle look on the home Home page look for a Telus International The Raider position it is now open 14 an Hour skip the interview work when you Want don't forget to let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job You guys are looking for and be sure to Sign up for Branded surveys let's jump In so the company is called time Etc and They are looking for work from home as a Virtual assistant so it says say goodbye

To a commute in office gossip and hello To meaningful work that fits perfectly With your family life ready to use your Admin skills to earn money working Flexible from home so I clicked on where It states apply here so I can take you Guys over here to the website so this is Time Etc assistance and they are looking To feel their virtual assistance work From home jobs so what I like to do when I come on most companies websites I like To look for the FAQ section or the Frequently asked questions because this Will answer a lot of questions that a Lot of you guys may have so being a Virtual assistant is different for Everyone and changes with each client's Needs but here's a basic overview of What you might expect to be responsible For as a virtual assistant you will be Communicating via our website email WhatsApp text phone or video sorting Email and managing inboxes also managing And arranging calendars writing Formatting editing documents you will Handle General Administration sorting Expenses invoices or other documents Arranging travel and booking Accommodations communicating with Customers or suppliers posting to social Media using systems software and apps Including CRM systems making calls Following up representing your clients Company doing data entry taking minutes

And transcribing audio also researching Services is suppliers or companies we Also have lots of clients who require Basic support with marketing writing and With social media now it says who will I Be working with you will be working with A small number of interesting clients Who are entrepreneurs small business Owners or leaders what equipment do I Need as a minimum you need a PC laptop Or a Mac so for those of you that have a Mac you can apply for this position and You can use that Mac now this position Guys as you can see here how will I be Paid and how much can I earn you will be Paid directly By Us by the hour for all The work that you do for our clients we Guarantee payment for all the work that You do starting rates are from 17 per Hour and increase generously with time Based on the long-term relationships That you build with the clients that we Introduce to you and I believe this one Guys you you can choose pick and choose Your own hours the days the times Whenever you want to work or you feel Like working you can log in and you can Work because it states it here time Etc Is a flexible part-time opportunity and The average assistant partner working Through time Etc Works about 39 hours a Month so that is not bad at all for Supplemental income so again the company Is time Etc and it does take assistance

So I would Google time Etc assistance This is a part-time work from home Opportunity flexible flexible you can Work whenever you want the pay starts at 17 an hour so I will be sure guys to Leave the link right below the video in The description box so you guys can Check out this company and make sure you Guys go over to Google do some research Or you can go to see if Anybody has posted a review on time Etc See also guys don't forget to share my Video because somebody out there is Looking for a virtual assistant work From home job and you just might be the Person to point them in the right Direction but don't forget to come back And leave us a comment down below now we Do have a lot of giveaways going on with This two chicks brand so make sure you Are following us over on Facebook we Have a Facebook business page it is two Chicks with the side hustle we also have A Facebook group it is kiss that cubicle Goodbye and don't forget guys about Instagram and Twitter two chicks with a Side hustle my name is Carol and I will Catch you beautiful lovely people on the Next video bye YouTube

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