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What's up two chicks fam it's me Carl I Am back with a quick little video for This evening if you are new to our Channel welcome make sure you smash that Red subscribe button turn on the Bell Notification thumbs up the videos and Make sure you share on this channel guys We give away laptops so go spread the Word tell a friend we're trying to get To a hundred thousand subscribers before The end of the year we already have the 10 laptops that we are going to give Away so make sure you guys go spread the Word come back leave us a comment don't Forget to go back check out the live Stream video that was posted on here Last night quick hire companies they Need you guys make sure you go back to That video look under in the description Box look under the video and get the Link and apply to all of those companies Make sure you hop over here to the two Chicks blog look under the spotlight job Section Omni is hiring they have a new Client be sure to check them out also Guys tell us tell us is a non-phone skip The interview work whenever you want the Link is posted over here on the two Chicks home page and don't forget to Sign up for Branded surveys we got some People here that make up to fifty Dollars in a day the link is down below In the comment section let's jump into The video so the company is called Clear

Choice and I think this is the one that They deal with the teeth if I'm not Mistaken I've seen a commercial on TV About this company so they are looking To feel their confirmation and Communication specialist position so Let's jump right into the duties you Will make outbound phone calls to Confirm and remind prospective patients Of their scheduled consultation Appointments manage multi-channel Communications from prospective patients Including voicemails text Communications Also email make timely outbound phone Calls to do follow-ups with the new and Existing patients so no cold calling These are people who have expressed Addressed interest in our services you Will act as a virtual greeter and check In or administrative support for all Online appointments demonstrate Confidence and expertise when overcoming Costs and other objections support Prospective patients by thoroughly and Accurately setting expectations for Their upcoming appointments complete Detail patient profiles in the sales Force and submit coaching opportunities To support the teams on the missing Criteria exhibit empathy compassion and Conviction when speaking with the Prospective patients with the goal of Helping to impact their lives for the Better meet or exceed the kpis by

Understanding how to impact results and Seeking coaching to continue to make Improvements now the qualifications are As follows a strong desire to help those In need and work for a mission-driven Organization you will need two plus Years of consultative sales experience Experience and Fields requiring a high Level of empathy experience with Overcoming objections in a sales Environment and knowledge of sales best Practices a confident approach and Ability to be a rapport strong Interpersonal skills excellent verbal And written communication skills Self-motivation driven and initiative Extremely detail-oriented with excellent Time management skills you're Comfortable seeking and receiving Coaching and guidance proficient with Computer software systems and Applications experience with the sales Force in G Suites is a plus now they are Looking for candidates with schedule Flexibility to work within the business Hours Monday through Thursday 4 30 a.m To 9 pm Mountain Standard Time and Friday 4 30 a.m to 8 P.M Mountain Standard Time and I also see Saturday And Sunday on here as well which is 8 A.M to 4 30 p.m and they're looking for People with strong uh bilingual English Candidates or strong bilingual skills Now the remote requirements you must be

Proficient with computer systems Software apps problem solving ability to Multitask through computer programs and You're comfortable in a remote office Setting with dual monitors proficient With computer problem solving skills and Also set up secure reliable and Dedicated high-speed internet must have A dedicated homework area with minimum Distractions no visibility to your Computer screen or monitor so basically With this one guys there seems like they Want you to be in a closed off room Because they don't want anyone to have Access to your computer screen monitor Anything like that because it is patient Information and you do have to abide by The HIPAA laws now this one guys it is State specific but however they do hire In a lot of States from what I see here Now the pay for this one is 18 into Twenty one dollars per hour they do Offer medical dental and vision options For flexible spending and health savings Account 401K company paid holidays Thorough and intensive new high training Program and ongoing training and also Coaching so this is a great job guys I Think be sure to do some research I will Post the link right below the video in The description box so you guys can Check out Clear Choice again this is a Full-time 100 remote work from home Opportunity for somebody that is looking

To jump into the dental field so Confirmation and communication Specialist is the job that pays 18 to 21 An hour with some benefits some great Benefits at that make sure you guys Share share share leave us a comment hop Over to Facebook join the group KISS That cubicle goodbye make sure you Follow us over on our Facebook business Page we're giving away two addition National brand new laptop computers Anybody can win so if you don't win over Here you still have a chance to win over On our Facebook page hop on over there Start sharing the information like crazy Tagging your friends and family members On the post and then follow us guys on Instagram Tick Tock and Twitter two Chicks with the side hustle there will Be a pop-up giveaway on our Instagram Platform so be sure you're over there Following us because you never know what We're going to pull out of our hats my Name is Carol I'll catch you guys and Gals in the next video bye YouTube

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