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Hey hey hey happy hump day guys it's me Carl and I am back with another work From home video make sure you guys Subscribe like and share on this channel We do real giveaways and we are giving Away 10 more brand new laptop computers And they are absolutely free to you guys So be sure to take the video post it on Your social media platforms make sure You come back and leave us a comment Down below don't forget to check out the Video that tan posted on the channel Earlier today it is a easy peasy Non-phone side hustle egg everybody Should go over there and sign up today Make sure you guys hop over to the two Chicks blog look under the spotlight job Section apply for Omni interactions guys They are hiring like crazy they have a New client on their dashboard so make Sure you hop over here and apply tell a Friend share that one because it is a Beginner friendly weekly pay company now If you are looking for non-phone jobs Head on over to the non blog let us know in The comments what type of work from home Job or side hustle you guys are looking For and let me know also are you guys Ready for us to come on this live stream Later on today and make sure you sign up For Branded surveys the link is in the Comments down below let's jump into the Video so the company is called zotek

They are looking to feel their payment Posting Specialists work from home Position it says that you will be Responsible for researching payment Posting issues and making sure that Payments are applied to the patient's Accounts in a timely and accurate manner Now guys you will have to effectively Communicate with the banks the clients Attorneys and insurance carriers to Resolve posting issues if there is an Issue so this one technically would be Non-phone because we consider non-phone Not talking or speaking to the customers But but you may have to talk to the Clients or it could just be an email you May have to send them an email asking Them certain questions about patient Accounts now it says what you'll bring To zotek understanding of eob's Knowledge of payment processes from Insurance carriers patients and hsas Ability to work within the deadlines and In high volume conditions proficient in Microsoft Word Excel and Adobe Acrobat Products ability to multitask and deal With the change constructively ability To follow through identify the Roadblocks and provide resolution Scenarios must be detail-oriented be Able to work independently and manage Multiple projects proficient in Maneuvering in insurance carrier Websites excellent verbal and written

Communication skills are required Pleasant phone manner when communicating With outside resources medical billing Office and payment posting knowledge is Preferred but it is not required now it Is choir guys that you have a high School diploma or equivalent is required So this one is on the two chicks blog And there will be a link posted right Below the video in the description box So you guys can check out the company And apply now I did not see any state Restrictions on their website but make Sure you guys go over to Google do some Research about zotek just in case you Get an interview you want to be prepared And not surprised so make sure you jot Down that information about the company If you guys plan on applying for this One make sure you share my video leave Me a comment because we are trying to Get to a hundred thousand subscribers Guys so make sure you go tell a friend Spread the word come back leave us a Comment and then hop on over to Facebook Join the group it is kiss that cubicle Goodbye and make sure you guys are Following us over on our two chicks with The side hustle Facebook business page On that page guys we are giving away two Addition additional laptop computer same Thing they are absolutely free and all You guys have to do is come on over There tag a friend or share the post

Make sure you guys are following us on Instagram we have another giveaway going On today is the 28th and we are going to Do the giveaway guys before the last day Of the year so make sure you're Following us it is two chicks with the Side hustle my name is Carl and I will Catch you wonderful lovely amazing People in the next video Bye YouTube

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