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Happy Thursday Two chicks fam it is me Carl and I am back with a non-phone chat Job and you guys better run for this one Because I know for a fact once they get Enough applications it will be gone make Sure you subscribe like and share the Video because on this channel we give Away laptops and we're giving away 10 More brand new laptop computers and they Are absolutely free to you guys make Sure you share the video on your social Media platforms go tell a friend come Back leave us a comment don't forget to Check out the live stream video so we Talked about 14 virtual assistant Companies that are hiring right now make Sure you guys look down below in the Comment section and sign up for Branded Surveys easy peasy survey site we got Some people here that make 15 to 50 Dollars in a day and also guys let us Know in the comments what type of work From home job or side hustle you guys Are looking for let's jump into the Video so the company is way fair and They are looking to feel this check Customer service consultant work from Home position so let's scroll on down And Jump Right In now what you'll do you Will troubleshoot and resolve customer Service inquiries while building a Relationship with the customer you will Provide service to customers on multiple Channels at first chat then mobile

Messaging and our other channels to Provide assistance with post-order Issues such as returns Replacements Refunds delivery status back order Inquiries and other issues that may Arise in the order fulfillment process You will exceed customer satisfaction Efficiency metrics and issue resolution Targets now I do see here guys what you Need strong problem solving skills Excellent relationship building skills Passion for helping others a successful Track record working in a high volume Environment regular and reliable Attendance equivalent customer facing Work experience excellent written and Verbal communication skills strong Typing and multitasking skills it says That is just preferred the pay for this One starts at 15 an hour guys with the Cost of living adjustment and tenure Based increases as early as six months This company they will provide you guys With the equipment as well and I do see That they do offer benefits and it saves Coverage starts on day one Health vision And dental so this one is posted on the Non-phone blog I will be sure to leave a Link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company make sure you guys go Over to Google type in Wayfair type in Wayfair work from home jobs and see if You can find anything about the company

Review wise and then you want to jot Down some information just in case you Get an interview you want to be prepared And not surprised so again Wayfair is The company guys and this is a full-time Work from home job they do have the Hours posted they're looking to feel Their check customer service consultant 16 I'm sorry 15 an hour which is Equivalent to 600 a week plus equipment Make sure you share the video because on This channel guys sharing is caring and Then you want to come back and leave us A comment hop on over to Facebook join The group KISS that cubicle goodbye we Are going to do a giveaway in the group Guys once we reach 250 000 members don't Forget to follow us on our two chicks With the side hustle Facebook business Page and last but not least Instagram We're so close to hitting that 10 000 Followers on Instagram and once we do we Will be doing another giveaway so make Sure that you are following us on all of The social media platforms and sharing The content we're trying to push this Information out to the masses and we Need you guys's help thank you thank you So much to the ones that have been Sharing the info information we greatly Greatly appreciate each and every single One of you but if you have not it is not Too late guys to get in on these Giveaways my name is Carl and I will

Catch you wonderful lovely amazing People in the next video bye Bye YouTube

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