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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with another work from home Video but before I jump in make sure you Guys subscribe like and share on this Channel not only do we talk about legit Work from home jobs but guys we give Away laptops and if you guys want to win They are absolutely free be sure to take My video go post it on Facebook Tick Tock Twitter Instagram share it with a Friend don't forget to come back though And leave us a comment now we have Dropped a ton of work when you want Videos and these companies will allow You guys to work when you want morning Afternoon evenings or overnights some of Them are non-phone no interview no Experience be sure to go back and check Out all those videos don't forget to Check out the daily paid job that I Dropped on the channel earlier today Also guys don't forget to apply for Telus International this is a work when You want opportunity the job is posted Over here on the two chicks blog look on The home page let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job Or a side hustle you guys are looking For let's jump into the video so the Company is called true work they are Looking to feel this operations Specialist Outreach so It says here guys that in this role you Will be reaching out through multiple

Channels phone email chat online forms Facts frequently multitasking different Methods of communication to the company Representatives often HR to obtain Information needed to complete Verification requests you must be a Strong written and verbal Communicator With ins Intrinsic motivation and drive never Seen that word before we are looking for A competent multitaskers with an ability To quickly learn and use multiple Technical platforms who have a strong Interest in creating a culture of Operational excellence we value ambition Creative problem solving and curiosity So it says here guys that you will be Reaching out to company reps the HR or Other contacts to obtain information to Complete these verifications tenaciously And creatively solve problems to Complete verifications with the targeted Time frame be a professional Relationships through multiple channels And I think I did go over there already So we're gonna skip that part they're Looking for a highly disciplined Organized and you can juggle multiple Moving pieces and details at once you Enjoy following a process and you are Motivated to point out areas of Continuous Improvement hold yourself to A high bar When it comes down to organization and

Efficiency thrive in a fast-paced Collaborative environment you have a Proven track record of Excellence you Are adaptable and motivated with a Strong work ethic prioritize Security in Your personal and professional lives we Handle sensitive personal data and put Security above all else when making Critical business decisions so guys this One I do see a bachelor's degree in a Related field is say would what would be Nice to have so I guess you don't have To have it if you do it's nice to have If you don't I would say go ahead on and Apply for this job anyway I do see here The compensation is 16 to 18 dollars an Hour they do offer paid days off and six Holidays 14 paid days off and also six Holidays Learning and Development Health Dental and vision insurance 401K FSA and HSA so again this one sounds like guys That you really don't need experience if You're someone that is disciplined Organized you enjoy following a process You're motivated you hold yourself to a High bar you thrive in a fast-paced a Collaborative environment just meaning That you know how to collaborate with Others you get along well with people You have a proven track record of Excellence and they probably are going To look at your resume they may even Call some of your previous employers They may and they may not sometimes they

Do and sometimes a lot of times they Don't you are adaptable and you're Motivated I mean you really don't have To have any experience for this one it Did not state that you would need Customer service experience or tech Support experience so this one guys Anybody can apply for this one 16 to 18 An hour true work is the company Outrations specialist Outreach that is The position where you are just Basically talking to HR trying to verify Verifications or you're trying to get Some type of income employment Verifications I do see that right here Our platform empowers lenders to Complete employment and income Verification so you're basically calling HR somebody may have submitted something Maybe to a mortgage company and you're Calling trying to verify employment and Income so this sounds like a Straightforward easy peasy type of job And I do see that here Banks mortgage Lenders yeah so that's what you're doing Guys verifying employment and income Easy peasy 16 to 18 an hour be sure to Go over to Google do some research about This company true work this is one of The ones that have just come under our Radar so we don't really know that much About true work so that is where you Guys come in be sure to do some research If you want to apply for this one guys

Make sure you jot down any important Information that you think may be Helpful during your interview I don't Know how fast or if they even hire Quickly or fast and I know sometimes We'll get that question in well how long Does it take to hear back that question Guys I cannot answer but just do some Research somebody out there may have Posted the answer to that question Somewhere on the internet Um also guys don't forget to share the Video now there will be a link posted Right below the video in the description Box so you guys can check out this Company sounds like again a great Company to work for straightforward type Of position just verifying employment And income don't forget guys to share The video somebody out there is looking For a job such as this one and you just May be that person to help them out but Don't forget to come back though and Leave us a comment down below also guys Don't forget to hop over to Facebook Make sure you join us our group is kiss The cubicle goodbye follow us follow us Follow us share share share we are doing A ton of giveaways this year we will be Giving away more laptops guys if you Want one this just increases your Chances of winning and all you have to Do again is to follow subscribe like Share tag a friend tell a friend take

The video post it on your social media Platforms direct your people over here To the YouTube channel or you can have Them to join our Facebook group you can Invite invite invite to the Facebook Group once we reach 250 000 members we Will be doing a live giveaway in the Group which will be a brand new Beautiful laptop computer also on the Two chicks business page on Facebook two Chicks with a side hustle follow that Page guys because we're going to give Away two additional brand new laptops to Somebody's somebody is going to win These laptop computers we are eager to Give them away so make sure you guys Come over there to the Facebook page Follow follow and that is all you guys Have to do share share share leave us a Comment somewhere if you guys want to Create a story or a reel and just let Your followers know or your friends your Family members and know hey guys if you Are looking for a legit work from home Job a side gig or a side hustle check Out two chicks with the side hustle join Their Facebook group KISS that cubicle Goodbye or follow them on YouTube two Chicks with a side hustle and that's it And that is all also guys don't forget To follow us on Instagram and on Twitter Two chicks with the side hustle there Will be a giveaway on Instagram now we Did a giveaway last year in December

Matter of fact it was the last day of The year we did a live stream giveaway On Instagram if you guys missed that one Be sure to catch us on the next giveaway And all you have to do is just come over There follow follow and then you want to Share share share if you guys want to Create a story if you want to create a Reel on Instagram because they also have The stories and the reels and you want To put us in the story just tag us we'll See we've already had a few of our Subscribers to come over to Instagram And follow us over there and tag us in Their video so guys you can do the same Thing if you have a YouTube channel and You want to create a short reel about The two chicks YouTube channel getting Your followers or letting your followers Know or your subscribers know that if They are looking for a legit work from Home jobs side gigs inside hustles that They can come over there to our channel So if you guys would like to post us in A real somewhere anywhere or you can Come back share the link in the comment Section however you guys want to do it That is okay by us so all you have to do Again is just follow like share the Videos share share share because what Sherry is caring and you just never know Who out there may be looking for a legit Work from home job a side gig and a side Hustle so just make sure you share the

Videos guys again it does not matter Where or how you share but don't forget The most important thing is to not Forget to come back and leave us a Comment somewhere whether you come in in The group because we do have some of our Subscribers that will share some of the Posts in the group and if you are in the Group and you want to share a post copy And paste it and post it on your wall And then you can always come back to That post and say hey I liked and I Shared and your name will go on the Giveaway list my name is Carol and I Will catch you wonderful lovely amazing People on the next video You too

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