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Hey hey hey this is Tangy from two Chicks with a side hustle coming at you With another work from home position but Before we get started do me a favor and Hit that red subscribe button also hit That Bell notification button so you can Be notified whenever we post a new video Or do a live stream and also remember on This channel Sharing is caring so if you take one of Our YouTube videos share with your Friends family anyone who is looking to Work from home and come back under this Video and type I shared you will be Entered into a drawing to win one of ten Laptop computers when we reach 100 000 subscribers and thank you for those Of you who have already shared well guys Today I work from home position comes From our Tech blog and it is work at Home Tech And what this is it is a great side Hustle for someone who likes to explain Things or give their opinion on things And it is called user testing and what User testing does is they pay people to Give a user experience on websites Um basically you'll test apps websites Prototype and speak the things that you Like about it out loud so maybe if You're on a website and you need to Click on something you can say hey it Could take you to a better page or any Sharing your thoughts on how you

Navigate within the website user testing Will send you Um a list of tasks to do with the Task that they have you to do and it is Called a live conversation in which you Will talk about the things from your Perspective and how the uh what you Interact with the website or app or Anything it is a great side hustle they Also take many other languages besides English so you do not have to be in the United States to work this uh specific Side hustle so make sure you are if You're in another country you are Applying they take people from Asia Europe Middle East Latin America and More uh make sure that you're going to Have to take a test so make sure you are Ready to take the test make sure you Read the instructions before you take The test because there is an assessment So make sure you are reading and if you Don't pass it the first time make sure You write some instructions down for Yourself or take you a couple of Pictures and apply again so don't let That be your end all be all to just just Take the test one time write down some Questions prepare to take it again so go Click apply here it'll take you to the Website to apply have a great Sunday Bye-bye

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