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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And this video is going to be a little Bit different this is a no interview Side hustle gig that is flexible Schedule you can do it when you have Time and when you want to it has the Potential to make a decent amount of Money and best of all the website can be Trusted it is owned by Amazon but real Quickly before we get into all of the Juicy details if you’re new here this Channel is all about working from home And making money online so if you’re not Subscribed make sure you do that if you Never want to miss out because I am Normally sharing a work from home job Leads on the daily basis and the links To everything I discuss are always in The YouTube description box below Today’s job lead is more of a side Hustle with no interview involved the Website is called ACX now this website Is again owned by Amazon they partner With audible Amazon and iTunes to bring You audio books I know a lot of you have Probably downloaded audio books on your Phone before I listen to a lot of audio Books when I’m walking on the treadmill And working out it just kind of helps Pass the time that some people listen to Them while they’re working or while They’re riding the subway if you’re on Public transportation a lot of people Get their books in now by listening to

Them on audiobook but every audio book That someone listens to someone had to Sit in front of a microphone and Actually read that book out loud and Record the audio and that is exactly What this web site is paying people to Do you can find a book that you would Like to read you can audition to be the Reader of that book and if you get Picked then you can record your book and Then you get paid it’s as simple as that Now there are two ways to get paid you Can get paid a flat rate say if the Audiobook for every hour of audio you Record you set your rate at a hundred Dollars an hour per recorded audio that Is what you can get paid so if it’s Three hours you would get paid three Hundred dollars to do finish that Project so you can set your own rates The other way to get paid is through Royalties every time the audiobook is Sold and downloaded most authors get a Royalty or a commission or a part of a Sale and you could get part of their Commission Now Rat Race Rebellion did a Very good right write up on how this all Works so I will also have this page Linked down below but the process is Simple you go on here and you sign up to ACX and you create a profile once you Create a profile you will upload a Samples of your voice to your profile Now if you can do different accents or

Different genres or Styles like you can Make your voice sound deep and then Girly or you can make your voice sound French and then country whatever it is Make sure you upload samples of all the Different voices you can do I’ve known People in the past who can even do like Character voices and make themselves Sound like a Mickey Mouse or something Like that so you create your whole Profile and then you search through the Books that you want to audition for so You go right here to find a book for Your voice and you’ll search through all The titles of the books that are looking For people to read them once you choose A book you will then audition for that Book so let’s just click on one you can Read about the book and then you can Click on audition and you can audition For to be the reader of this book now it Does tell you the estimated length is Three and a half hours now once you Audition to read a book and set your Rate you might get an offer back if you Get an offer back you have to review What they are willing to pay did they Accept your rate did they counter offer And then you have to accept the offer Once you accept the offer you start Reading the book and recording your Audio you turn it in and then you get Paid all right I know this was a little Bit different from my regular job leads

But I’ve seen quite a few comments Recently that want more side Hustle No Interview things that you can just sign Up for and do when you have time to make A little bit of a side hustle side cash Money in between a full time job so I Just wanted to share this but I’ll be Back really really soon with our Normally scheduled work from home job Leads just for you two videos will be Popping up on your screen one I picked For you and the other YouTube picked for You that you might enjoy next Please Subscribe and hit the Bell icon so you Never miss another work from home or Money making video from me and thank you So so much for watching and I’ll catch You in the next one

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