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Hey hey hey this is TJ from two chicks With the side hustle coming at you with Another work from home position but Before we get started do me a favor and Hit that red subscribe button also don't Forget to hit that Bell notification Button so you can be notified whenever We post a new video or do a live stream And also don't forget sharing is caring On this channel so please share these Videos with your friends your family Members or anyone who is looking to work From home we are looking always looking To help people Um find work from home jobs side gigs or Side hustles or whatever they would like To do when it comes to this work from Home arena so make sure you are telling People that you know and let them know We are here to help thank you guys for Watching and supporting us well today Guys as we are going to be talking about A side hustle and for those of you who Don't know a side hustle is something You can work when you want or it's Really not a job it's just some tasks That you do for money basically and we Have these uh side gigs or side hustles Inside the home or outside the home we Will be talking today about an app so This is an app and I have used this app To uh create streams of income and the App is called field agent and a field Agent um they do mystery shopping so you

Know if you have work on our lives or if You have heard about any of our videos That we talk about mystery shopping Basically mystery shopping is you will Go to an establishment that is Pre-determined by the mystery shopping Company and you will do a set of tasks Maybe you're gonna evaluate the person Who is checking you out if you're at a Store if you are um maybe at a Restaurant you will be looking at the Cleanliness of the restaurant things Like that so it is a great side hustle If you are into doing these type of Things well field agent also has Different tasks you can do Um one time they had um on there and you Can see these in the app that you can do Things like um one one was that you can Go to Target and put up their end cap so The stuff that you needed to use was in The back of Target and if you accepted The task you have to go to Target and Put up the end cap I think it it said That it would take about 15-20 minutes And the task paid by 25 or 20 something Like that Um they had apps Um tasks at gas or you can go in and put Up the cell phone charging cables at the End of each at the on the end caps of The gas station and I think it took Maybe six seven minutes to do that I did A lot of those

Um when my kids are small we used to go And Um on days that we didn't have much to Do we used to do that Um I would take them into the gas Station and we would just put them up Really quickly made a little game out of It Um get hot back in the car went down the Street to the next one so it was a lot Of those gas stations Um on one street that in our town so Um it was a lucrative side hustle so Field agent does a lot of these they had They have um where you can have jobs for The day I'm one I remember the Ulta Store they were putting up a new display And they were looking for somebody to Come in for eight hours so field agent Is a great app you can take pictures you Can do all sorts of things they have all Sorts of tasks on there so check this Out it's a really great side hustle Lucas if they pay great and I would Strongly encourage you to download this App and get to hustling have a great day Bye

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