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Hey everyone it's Suzanne happy Tuesday Today I have another no phone remote job For you this is a part-time data entry I Get a lot of comments from you Requesting part-time work that is not on The phone because you have kids or you Just don't want to have to talk to Customers on the phone this is with the Company English rabbit and they are Paying up to eighteen dollars per hour Which is a great rate of pay for a work From home position they're looking for a Part-time data entry associate your Chief goal in this position will be to Enter purchase orders into their POS or Point of sale which is currently light Speed a data entry associate is a Trustworthy Professional without Standing attention to detail The Chosen Candidate will demonstrate excellent Organizational skills so here's your Main responsibilities inventory Management for single brick and mortar And online store data entry for all Store inventory creating purchase orders Into Lightspeed software as orders are Written confirmed and given to you from The buyer requirements minimum of 2 two Years experience in a similar role two Years of experience in e-commerce Experience with Lightspeed is a plus However it's not required solid Knowledge of data analysis and inventory Management and analytical mind attention

To detail ability to sit for long hours Organizational and problem solving Skills communication leadership Interpersonal and project management Skills alright guys this is a remote Position like I said if you're Interested in this position I'm going to Put the instructions to apply Down Below In the description I wish you all the Best of luck and I'll see you next time

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