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Hey everyone it's Suzanne happy Friday Today I have a quality assurance Specialist position it is fully remote Full time and it is with the company Alpine Home Air Products now in this Position you're going to get paid to Listen on the phone you're going to be Listening to customer calls to make sure That the customers are being treated Right by the customer service reps so a Little bit about this position and Alpine is a team of forward-thinking Innovators working to provide heating And cooling solutions to homeowners so They're an HVAC company in this position You'll help the teams achieve consistent Service that Wows their customers by Reviewing customer interactions holding The team accountable to high performance Standards and providing coaching you a Grade interactions with customers to Determine if the customers receive Genuinely helpful service your call and Chat reviews will help their team Improve through feedback and Accountability your assessment and Helpful comments will allow team members To grow and Thrive within their roles And will help the customers consistently Exceptional service so you're just going To be helping the customer service reps Learn how to do a great job of helping The customer on the phone and through Online chat by providing coaching so

Main responsibilities you're going to Listen to inbound and outbound calls for Quality assurance according to their Metrics you're going to review chat logs For team members and you can provide Coaching to individuals and or teams Based on call chat reviews meaning the Calls in the chats that you review it's A fully remote position it is not Flex Time position though you do need to work During certain scheduled hours and Requirements be able to make thoughtful Decisions active listening of course Appreciation for research good balance Of left and right Braden thinking hold People accountable attention to detail And of course you need a high-speed Internet that cord plugged into that Wall no Wi-fi a quiet workspace without Family or pets in the room and a backup Plan for power or Internet outages Because a lot of times if your internet Goes out they'll tell you you got to Come into the office so you got to make Sure you have that internet that works Because you're probably not going to Live next to the office and it's going To be kind of hard to do that so here's The benefits that they offer biggest one Work from home they are going to give You all computer equipment and training So that is great all right guys if You're interested in this position Usually these quality assurance analyst

Positions will pay you between 19 and 20 Dollars starting out they can go all the Way up to 50 70 000 per year so make Sure you check with that hiring manager To see exactly what they are paying all Right I'm going to put the instructions To apply down in the description for you Guys and I will see you all in the next Video

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