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Happy Wednesday YouTube family happy Wednesday everyone welcome back to my Channel my name is Theresa sweat and Today we're going to be talking about Jobs that are urgently high right now no Degree is required and this is another Phone work at home job 2023 so let's go Ahead and dive right into the job now We're talking about the company as you Can see on the screen is CVS Health They're currently seeking products Safety coordinators to work from home Again this is fully remote when you Scroll down the pay is between 17 and 27.90 an hour that is excellent money And it only requires a high school Diploma or equivalent okay now when we Go more into details about the job is You're going to be doing daily entry of Submitted averse events into specific Portals you can also perform daily Um submissions drugs or product Complaints forms with internal source System data this position requires our Strong collaboration skills that it is Necessary to work internal with their Other Pharmaceuticals or Pharmacy and products Safety team members the ideal candidate Will have excellent communication skills And experience working within a large Team okay so please keep in mind that This range represents the pay range for All position in the job grade within

Which the position Falls in okay so the Required qualification is prior work in Any pharmacy setting one in three years Of keyboarding experience ability to Communicate to the internal customers And work independently again this is a Non-foam work at home job lead you're Going to be interacting with your within Your area basically so I reached out to Hire manager just to double check he Said this is a non-phone work at home Job okay so when they say prefer Qualification that means if you have it That's great if you don't don't worry About it just still apply for the job Anyway is there time might experience With Microsoft Word assets and Excel Strong attention to detail flexibility To adapt to changes requirement so if You feel like you're a good fit for this Position then don't wait don't Procrastinate go ahead and apply for This job right here now if this video Has been helpful so far please consider Subscribing to the channel by clicking That red button that says subscribe and Don't forget to turn on all your Notifications so every time I upload new Videos you will be notified and never Give you plenty of opportunities to go Ahead and apply for these jobs before They go like this plus when I go YouTube Live you'll be notified and speaking About YouTube live I will be going

YouTube live on March the 7th 2023 That's a Tuesday at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard Time this is more of a Work from home q a so if you have any Courses about working from home or if You need someone to talk to to give you Positive vibes then you need to be here So I can chat and talk with you so again Mark your calendar from March the 7th 2023 at seven o'clock The Institute Standard Time that is on a Tuesday I Will go YouTube live this is a work from Home q a and also I want to start an Inspiration uh quotes Club where we can Always interact with other people and Uplift and encourage people on their job Search so make sure you join me on that Day okay I look forward and chat with You so you all know that I I'm gonna say Some encouragement words to with you Is I want you to know is I want you to Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with you you got to Believe if you don't believe nobody else Will so go out there today and grab what Is yours by applying for these jobs okay I get it I know that you have applied For multiple positions some of y'all Have applied for 200 jobs I've done it Before okay and I know that it is easy To get distraction and you know just Stay in your lane and stop comparing Yourself to other people your time is

Right around the corner okay you just Gotta believe if you don't believe in Yourself again nobody else will I tell You uh for example the job that I Currently have I've been on for 11 years It required bachelor's degree I do not Have a bachelor's degree the only thing I have is certifications associate's Degree and a high school diploma but I Went in there and I studied and I went On YouTube and went to different Libraries and bought books to understand The medical billing the coding and I got In and I sold myself and they were like They were they were glad that they hired Me okay so you got to do the same thing If you don't understand something use Google as your friend to research things In order to take you to the next level The more you know the more you grow Knowledge is power so go out there and Have confidence believe in yourself Because if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will I believe in you and I Know that you got this but you got to Take the step go out there and grab what Is yours by applying for these jobs okay You know that I talk about having Multiple strains of income and I believe In not seven but I believe in eight I Talk about course careers because it's a Lot of people that have been Procrastinated about going back to School and they can't go back to school

Because they cannot enforce college or University because it's very expensive Also high school students like Junior And seniors they're very uncertain some Of them they don't know what they want To do after they graduate from high School a lot of them are going to get Full ride scholarships some people are Not going to get scholarships some People go get scholarships but it's not Going to be enough to pay for your Tuition now when course careers is very Affordable and you're getting training And you're ready for these jobs versus If you're going to a university or a Community college you're coming out with A degree but you're coming out with no Experience and a lot of people get Frustrated because they come out and They had a degree and think that they're Going to go out and get that job and They go get the job and they reject it You got to have experience too and Course careers you're getting experience Tech sales is high in demand People are making anywhere between 60k To 120k a year as a tech sales as well As you can do that in Information Technology as well as digital marketing Okay so this is a great opportunity so What are you waiting on you need to jump On a bandwagon and get involved with Course careers this is a life changer For so many people now when you go when

I scroll down a little bit further text Sales I just want to explain what tech Sells text cells that you're going to be Reaching out to potential buyers that Are looking to buy products whatever Like for example you work at Google and You're on the phone so there's more than 300 000 opening jobs ever starting a Salary it's between 60k to 80k a year Digital marketing there's more than 200 000 opening jobs and the average salary Is 48 between 40 and 60k a year digital Marketing is like if you're a content Creator you're dealing with paid Campaign and analytics this is for you This is something that I'm interested in Doing sometime in the summer the reason Why is because I have a full-time job And that is the only time sometime in August that I will have free time to do This and complete the course within Three months or less than three months So that is something that I'm interested In information technology is again You're not on the phone it's basically Like a chat job where you're dealing With tickets and cues and there are more Than 200 opening jobs ever starting Salary it's between 40 and 60k a year so You decide on which one you want to take And how you decide is you just sign up For the free introduction course again They go over what tech sales is they Global digital marketing what that is

They go over information technology and At that time you can determine you know What you want to take and what is a good Fit I suggest you to go and look at the Testimonies they have a whole bunch of Testimonies you can find it on YouTube Where people are talking about their Experience in course careers okay this Is a great opportunity if this don't get You pumped up then I don't know what Will okay so how it works again you have To start their free intro course that's The first thing you do and then stop Procrastinate enroll in the course and It's a online self-paced course to begin Learning complete the course in a few Weeks to a couple months depending on How much time you commit you will learn Everything required to land your first Position and then you start applying the Skills you acquire from the course in a New career which they would teach you Exactly how to land an entry level Position As well as they will show you how to Apply and they will also go over resumes Applications how to interview and so Much more and they have partnered Directly with companies that want to Hire course correct course careers Graduates into an entry level position So it is a win-win position you're Getting your experience they do have Internships where you can work and get

Your experience and you can choose to Work for that company and you can work For another one so getting your Experience and you're ahead of the game So when I go more into details about This type of work whether it's Technology sales digital marketing or Information technology you just click Learn more when you go down here it Tells you how long how long is the class Eight weeks it tells you how many Openings it tells you the salary and as What's scrolling down here these are Some of the companies that will hire you Into a entry-level text sales here and Then when you go down a little bit Further it talks about the day in the Life of a tech sales it tells you that You're going to be responding to emails And checking calendars researching Companies and adding in new prospects Making phone calls to people in your Outreach is telling you exactly what You're going to be doing and then when You go down a little bit further it Talks about the courses very flexible Why because it is a self-paced course And some people complete this course Within a week and let me tell y'all some People have gotten a job before they Actually complete the courses people That have started the course been in the Course for two weeks and already have Like 12 interviews and have gotten an

Offer before they completed this course And it can happen to you okay when I Talk I tell you all the time the power Of the tongue determines life and death So this is something that you need to Grab on here so when you scroll down Here I know it talks about what you will Learn if you were doing text sales this Is everything that they would go over Sales bases sales sell sell skills sales Technology sales process interview prep That's what they've been going over and Again here is some more interviews uh People that actually went through the Course and they are telling you what's Going on in course careers and how it Has changed their life and it can change Your life now here is the price again There the free introduction course is Free there's a one-time payment of 499 Dollars but if you use my coupon code Which is the rest of 50 you would get 50 Off of that 499 dollars now how many how Can how many people can say that they Have went to college and all they had to Pay was 409 handouts you cannot do that In a trade school let alone a community College and let alone a university You're not taking out any loans you'll Be debt free or you can choose the four Payment plan of a hundred and fifty Dollars they do have a 14-day money-back Guarantee no contracts or hidden fees so This is a win-win I tell you to stop

Procrastinate sign up today so you can Start doing these courses and you could Start making passive income okay this is A great opportunity for whoever want to Gets in Tech sales information Technology or digital marketing okay so Go ahead and sign up today you won't Regret it this is a life-changing and Remember my channel is all about Non-phone work at home job leads that go Out every single day at 7am Central Standard Time May for sure you watching The videos all the way through because It really helps my channel again this Channel is about no talking work from Home jobs if you don't want to be on the Phone then this channel is for you that Is all I bring to you on this channel Consider subscribing to the channel turn On that Bell turn on the Bell to turn on Your notifications so every time I Upload new videos you will be notified And never give you plenty of Opportunities to go ahead and apply for These jobs before there are no longer Available plus when I go YouTube live Again mark your calendar from March to 7 2023 I will be going YouTube live at 7 Pm Central Standard Time that is a Tuesday and this is a work from home q a And also get a chance to know my Audience connect with you and bring Positive encouragement words to you and You know whatever you need me to talk

About that's in regards to work from Home you need to be here and get your Courses answered okay so again mark your Calendar for March the 7th 2023 at seven O'clock P.M Central Standard time I look Forward in chatting with you don't Forget to check out the community tab That is where I engage with you every Single day when I upload a new video I Post closed captioning not available

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