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Foreign And happy Thursday if you’re new here my Name is Valerie and this is the work From home project where we post hot Remote job leads every single day go Ahead and make sure you’re subscribed to My channel and have your notifications Turned on because the jobs I post about Go really really fast if you guys want The most luck in your application Process make sure you are watching my Most recent videos and job postings as These are the freshest leads on my Channel and it will take longer to close Out if you are interested in today’s job Try to apply right after watching today We’ll be talking about a high paying Data entry job that does not require Much experience or a college degree the Company offering this position today is The company gainwell gainwell is the Leading provider of Technology services And solutions that are vital to the Administration and operations of Health And Human Services programs gainwell is A new company with over 50 years of Proven experience a reputation for Service excellence and unparalleled Industry expertise gainwell is looking To hire a drug rebate data entry clerk This is a full-time remote position Let’s jump into some of your day-to-day Roles you’ll be entering various types Of data including statistical Financial

Technical and Personnel into computer Bases in accordance with their Guidelines they’ll also be verifying the Enter data for accuracy revising and Adjusting and correcting information to Maintain accuracy assisting the Department employees and completing and Submitting computerized forms Coordinating data entry functions to Reduce redundancy and increase cost Effectiveness you’ll be checking and Monitoring the work of less experienced Data Personnel for accuracy and Efficiency and you’ll also be generating Reports both standard and as requested And conducting other related activities Now the pay range for this position is Between thirty thousand 500 to 43 500 Per year which equates to roughly 2500 To 3600 a month the base pay offered may Vary depending on your geographic Location your internal Equity job Related knowledge skills and experience Among other factors so if you do have a Lot of experience in data entry you Might fall more towards that thirty six Hundred dollars a month and if you’re More entry level you might be more Towards that 2500 a month now in this Job you’re going to have the opportunity To grow your career in a company that Values work flexibility learning and Career development all of their salaried Full-time candidates are eligible for

Their really generous benefits you get Flexible vacation policies a 401k Employer match Comprehensive Health Benefits and educational assistance and This is a great company you guys because It seems like they have a lot of Leadership and Technical development Academies to help you build your skills And capabilities so if you’re looking For company to grow with and really Climb that ladder gainwell might be the Perfect fit for you it’s also in the Healthcare industry so this is a really Stable and reliable career field to get Started in I’m going to be posting the Link to this job in the description Below and I want to thank you guys so Much for watching today’s video go ahead And make sure you are subscribed and Have your notifications turned on for Tomorrow’s job lead and be sure to check Out my other playlists for non-phone Jobs always hiring jobs and skip the Interview jobs and as always I wish you So much luck in your hunt for the Perfect remote job and I will see you Next time

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