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Hey guys it's Suzanne happy Tuesday Today I have a remote work from home Position really for anyone you don't Need any experience there's no talking On the phone and you don't have to do an Interview this is an online data Raider With the company data force and let me Just tell you a little bit about this Job it is Us remote they want you to Work between 10 to 20 hours per week so It's a great part-time freelance online Work from home job they are constantly Hiring and constantly in need of people To do this you do need to be fluent in English and data Force by transperfect Is looking for remote freelance English Online data readers to join their team So a little bit about this role what Exactly is an online data Raider well in This role you would perform the Following review evaluate and report on The accuracy of online search queries This data will be used to develop Improve improve online search results so You're going to be typing in online Search queries as they they tell you to And then you're going to give them the Results via whatever however method they Want you to do that and they're going to Walk through all of that with you you Will not have a set schedule they'll ask You to work 10 to 20 hours per week You'll be able to decide what works best For you in some cases hours worked could

Vary each week based on your Availability in order to qualify for This rule you'll need to carefully Review the provided project guidelines To ensure understanding you'll then need To pass a test this is why you won't Have an interview because they're going To give you a test to take they just Want to make sure you're able to Understand simple instructions and Project guidelines Now the job requirements you need to be Able to read and comprehend English the Training materials are only in English So that's very important ability to meet Their targets ability to understand Feedback and adjust accordingly meaning If they give you some criticism or Feedback on how to do things differently You need to be able to follow those must Be legally eligible to work in the U.S Must be 18 years of age or older fluent In English located in the U.S and have Lived in the U.S for the past five years Have a reliable computer and internet And have a reliable anti-virus software So very simple application process guys If you're interested in applying for This I'm going to go ahead and put the Instructions to apply down in the Description remember this is a remote Job that's really for anybody if you do Get this job or you do try it let me Know down in the comments come back and

Let me know I really want to hear how it Goes

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