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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me curl TGIF Thank God it is Friday happy Friday Everyone I hope you guys have a Fantastic day make sure you subscribe Like and share because on this YouTube Channel we give away laptops and if you Guys want to win one of these brand new Laptop computers absolutely free make Sure you take this video and post it on Your social media platforms it does not Matter which one it could be Facebook LinkedIn Tick Tock Twitter Snapchat Instagram but don't forget to come back And leave us a comment now we dropped a Lot of videos on the channel yesterday And I dropped a non-phone work when you Want texting part-time job on the Channel last night be sure to go back And look at that video and apply don't Forget about Telus International this is A non-phone no interview guys work when You want company it is posted over on The two chicks with a side Hustle dot Com blog look on the home page for Telus International let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job Or side hustle you are looking for and Be sure to sign up for Branded surveys Let's jump in so this company is called Dot dash Meredith and they are looking To hire fact checkers facts Checkers so It says that as a fat fat Checker you Will be part of a seven person team Whose primary responsibility is fact

Checking a Weekly Magazine you are Looking for someone to be available Where they are looking for someone to be Available late Monday in four days per Week hours are irregular but consistent Story subjects include crime music TV Human interest Beauty style and more This person must work closely with Editors writers copy this photo Department design department and the Legal teams in addition to working with The fact checking team this job requires The ability to review copy with writers And editors efficiently while Coordinating changes with the production And art departments the ideal candidate Is detail-oriented reliable Communicative and is committed to the Journalistic Integrity of the brand now Let's scroll on down guys It says here bachelor's degree in a Related field or equivalent training and Or experience so if you don't have a Degree but you have the training or Experience guides then you should apply For this job if this is something that Interests you at least three years of Fact checking experience with a National Consumer magazine specific knowledge Skills and abilities meticulous and Investigative research skills excellent Verbal written and communication skills And as you guys can see here the pay for This one starts at 17 and goes all the

Way up to 29.18 an hour so again guys The company is dot dash Meredith they Are looking to feel this fact Checker Work from home position that pays 17 to 29 an hour absolutely no talking for This particular job but you are talking To your co-workers and you're probably Not talking to them on the phone it Could be via Zoom or it could be via Email they didn't really specify or it Could be like a slack which is a chat Um type of thing so they didn't really Specify how you guys are talking but They did say that you will be Communicating and you will have to be Close with the editors the writers the Copy desk the photo design and the legal Teams department so this one is posted On the two chicks blog I will be sure Guys to leave a link right below the Video in the description box so you guys Can check out this company make sure you Go over to Google type in dot dash Meredith see what comes up and then jot Down any information that you think is Important just in case you apply and you Get an interview you would want to be Prepared and not surprised make sure you Do some research guys because some of These companies they will trick you up And they will ask what do you know about The company who is the founder when was The company started and you want to be On your toes for some of these companies

So make sure you do that and jot down Again the information don't forget to Share my video somebody out there is Looking for a high paying job such as This one and it is a non-phone no Talking job so make sure you share share Share don't forget to come back and Leave us a comment hop on over to Facebook make sure you guys join the Group it is kiss that cubicle goodbye The reason we say join the group because We post a ton of different jobs a Plethora of jobs are posted in the group Guys and some of the jobs believe it or Not we don't post them over here on this Website so make sure that you guys I Mean on this YouTube platform so make Sure that you guys go over to Facebook If you don't have a Facebook page create One and join the group again it is kiss That cubicle goodbye don't forget guys To share the group invite your friends Your family members to the group because We are doing a giveaway over in that Group so make sure you guys do that and Also don't forget to follow the two Chicks with the side hustle Facebook Business page make sure you follow that Page we are giving away two additional Laptop computers brand new and Absolutely free just come on over there Follow you can tag a friend tell a Friend or you can share click that share Button and let those posts go on your

Pages so people can see them don't Forget to leave us a comment then you Want to follow us over on the Instagram Page and also on Twitter two chicks with The side hustle on Instagram we are Close to 10 000 followers so make sure You guys hop on over there and follow The two chicks page you can create Stories reels tag a friend tell your Audience about what we do on these Platforms I can almost but guarantee you Guys that somebody in your audience is Looking for a legit work from home job Or a side hustle and they just don't Know where to look so help them out post This good information but don't forget To leave us a comment once we reach 10 000 followers on that platform we will Come on the live stream and we will do a Live stream giveaway so make sure you Share my name is Carol and I will catch You wonderful lovely amazing people on The next video bye YouTube

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