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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with another work from home Video and this company guys pays up to 25 an hour make sure you guys subscribe Like and share because on this channel We give away laptops and who doesn't Want a free laptop computer we ship it Right to your door it is absolutely free You guys don't even have to pay for the Shipping so make sure you take my video Put it on Facebook share it with a Friend put it on Tick Tock let your Friends and family members know that we Post the real work from home jobs the Side gigs and the hustles and be sure to Come back and leave us a comment now if You missed the live stream yesterday you Missed a good one we talked about 10 Non-phone part-time work from home jobs That are hiring right now be sure to go Back guys check out the video also don't Forget to check out all the videos that Were posted on the channel yesterday and Also today and I still got some more Bangers that I will be dropping later on This evening so stay tuned for that make Sure you guys let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job Or side hustle you're looking for be Sure to sign up for Branded surveys Let's get into the video so the company Is called true Place Inc they are Looking to feel this client success Specialist work from home position as

You guys can see here it says this Full-time remote position it does Require an individual who is a good Listener accountable passionate and Organized they are also looking for Someone who takes pride in their work so It says here Um this position requires a person who Is available during our core business Hours which are Monday through Friday so I didn't see any weekends listed 8 30 A.m to 5 30 p.m Eastern Standard Time Has a fully functional home office with High-speed internet and computer with Quiet workspace so you will have to Provide your own equipment you will need To have two plus years of customer Service experience and they are prefer Wearing just prefer guys someone who has Remote so that is why we tell you guys To get these beginner friendly companies Start there but you don't have to stay There because as you can see some of These companies do require you guys to Have that work from home experience Already before they even consider you For the job so make sure guys that if You don't have any type of experience I Would apply anyway but just in case you Don't get hired go to a next rep a live Ops Alorica or Alorica have you guys want to Pronounce it or work in Solutions you Can get the experience the knowledge and

The skills and then you can move on to These higher paying work from home jobs Now they also want someone who is very Organized detail-oriented consistent Eagerly taking on new tasks and also Responsibilities lots of new things to Learn all the time you are able to work Independently when giving a specific Assignment and they do have a other Things listed here like has real estate Hospitality knowledge and or experience Not required but this is a plus has Excellent communication skills both the Written and verbal in a virtual world And this is a must has experienced with A higher volume email and call based Workflow also any experience with high Touch client-facing roles is also a plus So if you've worked in a McDonald's if You've worked in a Goldsmith Macy's any Type of department or retail store that Is what they mean by client facing roles So you had to deal or even in a doctor's Office you had to deal with patients and Customers has scheduling coordination Dispatching or similar experience and The list just goes on and on and as you Guys can see here they do have some Basic responsibilities included but not Limited to you may have to assist Customers via telephone and email Product consultation scheduling Photographers for appointments Implementation and onboarding and new

Clients project management completing Tour changes and making recommendations For Best Practices now the pay is listed Over on their website I think it was 20 To 25 an hour for this job so again the Company guys it is true Place Inc make Sure you go over to Google type in the Company's name do some research before You apply jot down any information that You think that the interviewer may ask You because you never know they may ask You what do you know about you place Inc And you want to be prepared and not Surprised now I will be sure to leave The link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company and apply make sure you Share my video put it on Facebook Somebody out there is sick and tired of These scammers I know I am because I see A lot of this going on on social media Each and every single day and you just Might be that person by sharing this Great video you just might help that Person out that's looking for a legit Work from own job because they are hard To find if you don't know where to look Then it will be hard to find so make Sure you share the video come back leave Us a comment and then you want to follow Us on our other social media platforms And we do have a Facebook group if you Are not a part of that group make sure You join it is kiss that cubicle goodbye

Follow us on our Facebook business page Two chicks with a side hustle also guys Follow us on Twitter and follow us on Instagram we are having so many Giveaways going on with this brand this Year so be sure that you're following us If you can create some of these accounts If you don't have them they are Absolutely free to create an Instagram a Tick tock a Twitter a Snapchat whatever Platform you feel the most comfortable On created guys and then share this Content and be sure to leave us a Comment somewhere so that we can put Your name on the giveaway list a lot of People do share our information but they Forget to come back and leave us that Comments so don't you be that person That forgets that make sure you come Back and leave us a comment my name is Carl and I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people on the next video YouTube

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