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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with a easy peasy side hustle Egg make sure you guys subscribe like And share because on this YouTube Channel not only do we talk about legit Work from home jobs we also do live Streams and today is what live stream Wednesday so let us know in the comments We haven't done this in a while be sure To put us a comment down below I'm gonna Ask you guys what do you think we should Talk about on this live stream also we Give away free laptop computers and if You want to win one of these beautiful Laptops take this video go post it on Facebook Instagram Snapchat invite your Friends family members over here to the Live stream but don't forget to come Back and leave us a comment now we have Been dropping a ton of work when you Want videos on the channel this week Last week week before make sure you guys Check out all these videos especially The people that be in the comments Asking about the flexible opportunities We have them guys all you got to do is Scroll back and look at the videos don't Forget to hop over to the two chicks Blog on the home page make sure you Apply for Telus International and don't Forget to sign up for Branded surveys The link is in the comments let's jump In so this company is called Livestrong They are looking to feel this freelance

Expert reviewer work from home Opportunity so it says here guys that This position pays 30 to 50 dollars per Review depending on the scope of the Article we estimate each review takes 15 To 30 minutes a typical week as a Freelance expert reviewer this will Include the fact checking up to 10 Articles per week using a Content Management system to leave the feedback On those articles you also will be Communicating with the writers and the Editors to address your feedback what You have expertise in a particular Arena Of Health Fitness or nutrition relevant Credentials in your specialty or field a Critical eye for us fighting factual Errors or misinformation interest in Digital Health publishing experience With a Content management system is a Plus so again the company is Live Strong This would be considered guys as a side Hustle however if they have plenty of Work available it can go from a side Hustle to a part-time work from home job Because 30 to 50 dollars in 15 to 30 Minutes that's like making I would say Especially if it's 30 minutes 30 dollars You probably could do two in one hour And make sixty to a hundred dollars in One hour so that is not bad at all so Again the company is Live Strong and They're looking to fear their freelance Expert reviewers so if we have any

Health gurus out there and you're in Into Fitness Nutrition or you just know Something about health and you think you Have what it takes I would suggest to go Ahead and apply and just see what they Say because you never know and I'm not Sure how many people they're looking for To feel this reviewer position make sure You guys go over to Google do some Research now I will be sure to leave a Link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company don't forget to share The video somebody out there is looking For a side hustle egg such as this one But don't forget to come back though and Leave us that comment hop over to Facebook join us kiss that cubicle Goodbye follow follow us on these Platforms because we are doing giveaways This year like crazy we do have a Facebook business page it is two chicks With the side hustle we also have guys a Instagram and we also have a Twitter two Chicks with a side hustle make sure you Guys follow subscribe like share we are Trying to push this information out There to the masses and thank you guys So much to the ones that have been Sharing this information my name is Carl And I will catch you all some lovely Amazing people in the next video [Music] YouTube

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