Non Phone Part Time Work From Home Job No Degree Online Job Entering Inspection Data Remote Job

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Hey hey two chicks fam it is me Carl and I am back with a no talking Non-phone data entry work from home job But before I jump into the video make Sure you guys subscribe like and share Because on this YouTube channel guys we Talk about legit work from home jobs Side gigs and side hustles but we also Do real giveaways on this channel so Make sure you guys subscribe like and Share because we are giving away 10 more Brand new laptop computers absolutely Free all you have to do is take my video Post it on your social media platforms Facebook Instagram Tick Tock but don't Forget to come back and leave us a Comment now I dropped a lot of videos on The channel yesterday and if you miss Them make sure you go back and check Them out I did drop two work when you Want videos be sure to check those two Out as well make sure you guys go on Over to the two chicks blog on the home Page look for or tell us tell us Recently reached out to us the Raider Position is now open 14 an hour and There is no interview you guys can work Whenever you want let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job Or side hustle you are looking for and Be sure guys to sign up for Branded Surveys the link is in the comments Let's jump in so the company is called a Crew Wren and I hope I'm saying that

Right they are looking to feel this data Entry clerk work from home position so It says here that accruent inspection is Now accepting resumes for a data entry Clerk the data entry clerk will be Responsible for entering inspection data Which will consist of both numerical Data as well as narratives into the in Inspection data management systems you Will accurate data entry of inspection Field agents you will recognize identify And investigate data issues adheres to Quality standards and ensures accuracy Of work participates in team meetings And keeps connected to organizations Annual goals and objectives you will Work within the budget time Allocations for the projects ensures Completion dates are met in conjunction With other team members with customer Satisfaction in mind accountable for Project deliverables on time where it Applies to data processing and data Management participate in planning and Scheduling meetings with Inspection Team Develop and maintain relationships with Internal and external clients Communicate to all in a professional Effective and courteous manner now the Requirements for this one guys I do see High school diploma is required one plus Years of data entry experience in an Office setting knowledge of MS Office Computer programs word excel and Outlook

Benefits competitive salary medical Dental vision and supplemental insurance 401k plan paid holidays and also paid Time off now this one is posted over on The non-foam blog I will be sure guys to Leave a link right below the video in The description box so you guys can Check out this company make sure you Guys go over to Google and type in a Crew and see what comes up about the Company do some research jot down any Important information just in case you Guys get an interview you would want to Be prepared and not surprised the link Will be posted right below the video in The description box so you guys can Check it out and apply make sure you Share sharing is caring on this YouTube Channel be sure guys to come back though And leave us that comment down below Don't forget to hop over to Facebook Join kiss that cubicle goodbye make sure You guys are following us on these other Social media platforms because we do Have a lot of giveaways going on this Year with this brand so follow the two Chicks with the side hustle Facebook Business page also Instagram and Twitter Two chicks with the side hustle all you Guys have to do is just share the Information and make sure you come back Leave us a comment somewhere my name is Carol and I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people on the next video

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