NON-PHONE Work From Home Job 2023 Processing Credit Card Chargeback Claims | No Degree Needed | USA

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I have another work from home job Lead for you this one is going to be in The financial field and it is from the Travel website Hopper they are looking For an error chargeback specialist now This is going to be reviewing chargeback Claims for credit cards and processing Those claims accordingly just know if You're interested in applying the links To this job page are in the YouTube Description box below this video you may Have to hit the little more button to Have it drop down to see everything in The description box now this is for my United States folks only but you'll be Responsible for daily processing of Chargeback claims assisting with Researching fraud and chargeback Trends And resolving the disputes for all card Brands so you'll proactively and Effectively work disputed transactions Via their chargeback process to minimize Revenue loss by per providing support to Documentation so what this means is that Someone has a credit card charge from Hopper and then they dispute that charge For a chargeback or reversal of the Charge with their credit card company or Bank now Hopper is responsible the bank Will reach out to Hopper and Hopper will Be responsible for providing the Documentation saying No this person Really bought this service or whatever

From us and this charge is legit and Don't reverse it so that's what you'll Be doing you'll be researching all of Those claims and providing that Documentation to those credit card Companies you effectively use all of Your tools both internal and external to Relate payment process to relate the Information back to the payment Processors you'll perform the necessary Research and looking up those Transaction details to make sure that You include everything that is needed With the disputes of course while doing This you're going to have to make sure That you keep private and sensitive Information a confidential your review Enter and update database information While making sure that the data is Accurate and you'll notate the order Status information you'll also help Create process and documentation for the Products that you're responsible for and Communicate that to stakeholders now They are not requiring any kind of College degree their minimum Expectations are that you have a passion For Hopper's business and helping them You have great judgment skills you have A resilient attitude ability to stay on Your toes with any changes that come About you're a great communicator you're A team player and you have strong Organizational skills now unfortunately

They did not list pay in the job Description that will have to be asked At the time of the interview I do have a Hopper's Glassdoor page linked down in The YouTube description box below if you Want to do more research on the company Yourself self but I did try to look Through and find a salary for this Position and I could not find a job Title that matched this alright as Always if this job lead was not for you That is okay please feel free to leave In the comments anything specific that You're looking for I do read those and Keep that in mind thank you so so much For watching and supporting me and I'll Be back really really soon with more Work from home job leads just for you

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