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What's up two chicks fam it is me Carl And I am back with a non-phone data Entry work from home job but before I Jump into the video make sure you guys Subscribe like and share because on this Channel we give away laptops and we are Giving away guys 10 more brand new Laptop computers and they are absolutely Free the only thing you guys have to do Is take my video post it on your social Media platforms Facebook Instagram Tick Tock share it with a friend or whoever You might think that may be looking for A legit work from home job but don't Forget to come back and leave us a Comment now I dropped a video on the Channel last night eight positions Hiring immediately make sure you guys go Back and check out that video also guys Don't forget to hop over to the two Chicks blog look on the home page tell Us it's on a hiring spree make sure you Guys check them out and apply let us Know in the comments what type of work From home job you are looking for and be Sure to sign up for Branded surveys the Link is in the comments section let's Get into the video so we've talked about This company before Barrisdale they have a real funny name Sounds like they're French So they are looking to feel this sales Data entry remote work from home job so Let's jump in guys so it says that we

Are looking for a sales data entry to Join our sales team we are looking for Proactive Dynamic people and team Players with great organizational Capacity accustomed to handle multiple Tasks and with marked attention to Details it is an excellent opportunity For those professionals looking to Develop in one of the fastest growing Companies in the industry now this is What you guys will do you will upload Data of landing page and website New Leads on the marketing sheet you will Perform extensive searches in the web to Find leads and companies contact info Execute periodic data updates for leads Lacking updated contact information Execute periodic data updates for Reports prompt daily and weekly by the Erp you will read raw service connect Responses and website messages on demand And initial service connect response Read and website messages categorization On demand as well now it says here guys This is what they are looking for this Is a 100 remote work from home job they Do offer equipment they want someone or Some people that have three to five Years of relevant experience as data Entry detail-oriented and deadline Driven ability to work automatically and Remotely methodic and able to follow Processes excellent English skills able To read and understand that you're a

Self-starter you can explore you can Learn and you can work independently and You also can manage concurrent tasks Advanced English as you guys can see it Says 100 remote work Hardware set up for You to work from home flexible hours Where you guys can make your own Schedule so basically guys you can work Whenever you want pay parental leave Vacation and holidays diverse and Multicultural work environment and Innovative environment with the Structure and resources of a leading Multinational National excellent Compensation well above the market Average and here you can grow at the Speed of your learning curve so again The company is bearish Dev guys and They're looking to feel their sales data Entry work from home position the Position guys it is posted on the Non-phone blog I will be sure to leave a Link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company make sure you guys go Over to Google do some research about The company just in case you guys get an Interview you would want to be prepared And not surprised make sure you share my Video there are plenty of people out There looking for legit data entry jobs I see scams posted on social media each And every single day so make sure guys That you share the video you never know

Who you might be blessing with the work From home job or side hustle anything That we post guys do some research on The companies and then share the Information we are trying to push this Information out to the masses and we Greatly appreciate each and every single Person that has been sharing our content If you have not and you want to get in On these giveaways make sure you share The videos make sure you share the blog Post that is all you guys have to do but Don't forget to come back and leave us a Comment down below because some people Will share but they forget to come back Over here make sure you guys join the Group it is kiss that cubicle goodbye on Facebook because guys we post a lot of Jobs in the group that don't get posted On this channel because each and every Single day tan and I both are finding Jobs left and right and it is really too Many jobs to post on this YouTube Channel so if you don't want to be left Behind you don't want to miss out on the Good paying jobs could be uh non-phone It could be customer service it could be Beginner friendly it may not get posted On the channel make sure you join us Kiss that cubicle goodbye I follow us Two chicks with the side hustle this is Our Facebook business page don't forget About Instagram and don't forget about Twitter two chicks with the side hustle

Because guys we have a lot of giveaways Going on with these platforms so make Sure that you're following your liking And most importantly you are sharing but Don't forget to come back and leave us a Comment as well my name is Carol and I Will catch you wonderful lovely amazing People on the next video Ah you too

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