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What to do two chicks fam it's me Carl And I am back with another one but Before I jump in if you are looking for The non-phone jobs check them out on the Non-phoneworkathome.com blog smash that Red subscribe button turn on that Bell Notification make sure you guys thumbs Up the videos and share on this channel We talk about work from home job side Gig side hustles we also give away Laptop computers and they are absolutely Free to you guys so make sure you go Spread the word tell a friend come back Leave us a comment down below we are Trying to get to a hundred thousand Subscribers hopefully before the end of The year be sure to go back check out All the videos that were posted on the Channel today let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job You guys are looking for and if you are Looking for part-time jobs and you miss The live stream last night be sure guys To go back check out the live stream and Share we talked about 20 part time Companies that are hiring right now be Sure to hop over here to the two chicks Blog look under the spotlight job Section make sure you guys apply for Omni interactions and don't forget to Sign up for Branded surveys the link is Down below in the comments section let's Jump into the video so guys this is by Far another easy peasy work from home

Job one of the easiest actually so the Company is called TSD Global we've Talked about this company before and They have part-time work from home Openings for their virtual order taking Specialist restaurant restaurant Restaurant work from home position so it Says here that TSD Global has openings For part-time work from home restaurant Order taking Specialists set part time And weekend schedules will be determined At the point of interview on a Case-by-case basis now they do have Limited full-time opportunities Available as well but the video guys is About part-time because I know that we Have a lot of people here looking for Easy peasy part-time work from home jobs Now as an order of solutions call center Rep or call center agent takes inbound Calls from customers answering questions Or addressing any concerns that they may Have in processing their orders through The system access provided their duties Include handling many inbound calls to And from Iconic restaurant chain Customers active listening to the Customers needs processing in order for The customers request while upselling With add-ons to the order now it says What we offer variety of part-time Schedule offerings and opportunities to Earn full-time limited full-time Opportunities they do offer weekly pay

For base hourly pay increases during Your first year of employment which is Great weekly bonus potential which can Lead to increased total compensation on Top of hourly rates 100 percent paid Virtual training significant fast track Advancement opportunities into the Virtual leadership training quality and Workforce management roles 95 percent of Remote work from home managers promoted From within not bad at all 401K medical Dental and vision insurance after 90 Days for full time and you can get up to Fifty dollars equipment reimbursement And also up to 22 dollars monthly Internet stipend for those who qualify And we will help you get set up so that Is not bad now the drawback to this one Guys they are stay specific and it's I Can recall I believe they hire in 12 States and they do have the states Listed here Indiana Texas Tennessee Iowa North Carolina Alabama Mississippi Louisiana Idaho West Virginia Utah and South Carolina so you must live in the Following states in order to apply for This job you must complete a video Interview now it says link will be Emailed if you are selected private and Secure workspace at home free from Background noise or distractions Previous restaurant and or customer Service experience including but not Limited to server bartending host

Hostess drive through catering and or Overall customer service call center Experience is highly preferred now it Just says preferred guys it does not say Required now they do want you to have Excellent interpersonal and verbal Skills clear dictation tone and Knowledge use of proper grammar great Active listening skills strong Rapport Building skills ability to connect with The customers you're someone that is Empathetic and you have a patient Attitude while focused on the goals Strong management and organizational Skills adaptability and flexible able to Cross-train on multiple programs you're Comfortable working in a fast-paced Environment while managing daily Performance metrics also troubleshooting Skills either basic or Advanced Depending on previous experience phone Skills including familiarity with Complex or multi-line phone systems Pi Systems and the CRM systems sales and Suggested restaurant upselling Experience is highly preferred however It is not required successful customer Service or call center experience with Upselling proven record of great Attendance and demonstrating Collaboration skills as a team player Knowledge experience of call center work Style and ethic a plus positive and Energetic personality with a desire to

Help customers and provide an excellent Customer experience and they do have a List of other things here as well guys I Do see must be flexible must be willing To work weekends and holidays during the Peak called volume and I'm pretty sure Around the holidays and special things Like the Super Bowl or the Macy's Parade Things like that that come on the TV I'm Pretty sure there is a spike in the call Volume must pass a background check as Well now with this one guys they don't Provide equipment and you must provide Your own computer I see that listed Right here as the technical requirements Now the information for this one it is Posted over on the two chicks blog I Will be sure guys to leave a link posted Right below the video in the description Box so you guys can check out the Company again the company is called TSD Global go over to Google type in the Company's name do some research because You just might get an interview and they Might ask what do you know about TSD Global you need to know information About the company that you work for or Are trying to work for this is a Part-time work from home position with Limited full-time opportunities of where It says may be available and they are Stay specific so make sure you check to See if they hire in your state first Because I would hate for you to fill out

The app and then uh oh they don't hire In my state so you don't want to go Through that make sure you check that First again they are State specific and They only hire I believe it was either 12 or 13 states make sure you guys share My video leave me a comment down below And then you want to hop on over to Facebook join us the name of our group It is kiss that cubicle goodbye and we Have had a lot of people guys to be Hired within the last 30 days from Various companies now the top company That I see a lot is United Health Group But they do have a lot of remote jobs Posted over on their website if you guys Want to check out their company be sure To come on over there kiss that cubicle Goodbye and join because we do Post Other jobs in the group that may or may Not be posted or talked about on this YouTube channel because there are so Many companies right now at this moment 2022 that are hiring work from home Agents like crazy make sure you guys Follow us follow us follow us on our Facebook business page and it is two Chicks with a side hustle we're giving Away two additional laptop computers Absolutely free guys the same thing that We do over here on the YouTube channel We're going to do it over on the Facebook business page so make sure you Guys come on over there and check us out

Follow us and share with a friend a Family member or you can tag a friend or A family member on whatever post that we Have posted over on their platform be Sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter two chicks with the side hustle Now on Instagram guys we're doing a Pop-up giveaway so this means that we're Gonna pop up on a live stream before the End of the year and give some something Away to some blessed people I want to Say lucky but blessed people so make Sure that you guys are over there and You are following us and you are tagging Our information we're trying to get this Information out to the masses thank you Guys so much for sharing our information It is not too late for those of you that Have not been sharing the content it is Not too late to join in on the fun you May want a laptop you may win a cash app You may win a computer or a math pad you Just never know guys what we are going To pull out of our hats and give away Just make sure you follow us my name is Carol and I'll catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people on that next video Bye YouTube

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