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Hey hey hey this is Tangie from two Chicks with the side hustle coming at You with another work from home position But before we get started do me a favor Hit that red subscribe button also hit That Bell notification button so you can Be notified whenever we post a new video Or do a live stream and remember on this Channel sharing is caring so do me a Favor take one of our YouTube videos Share with your friends family anyone Who is looking to work from home come Back under the video type I shared and You will be entered into a drawing to Win one of ten laptop computers when we Reach 100 000 subscribers and thank you for those Of you who have shared thus far we Really appreciate it and please continue To share well today guys our position Comes from our non-phone work at home Blog and that is And it is for a chat specialist and for This position you will be working with Gaga Boo Goo bagu I'm sorry it's goober goo Um and they are affiliate of rentals and Rentals and they are hiring inbound chat Operators and you must engage with the Online conversations to inquire about Automotive and recreational vehicle Sales service finance and some general Dealership questions

Um this is a LAX relaxed but Professional and fun environment you'll Be handling the online inquiries and Complaints via online chat you'll Troubleshoot and resolve product issues Document and update customer based Interactions via online chat and you'll Develop and maintain a knowledge base of Evolving products and services Um some of the requirements for this Position is excellent customer service Skills you must have your own computer Um you must the computer must have a Minimum of eight gig of RAM it must be a I3 Equivalent or higher and has a 64-bit Operating system you must have a quiet And dedicated place to work and you must Be able to attend a five-week training Tuesday through Saturday 11 A.M to 7 30 P.m Eastern Standard Time so make sure If you fill out I mean if you have all These requirements if you don't but you Have some go ahead and hit that apply Here button thank you for listening have A great day bye-bye

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