Organic Super Charged Soil | Super Charged Soil for C@nn@bis Plants and more

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Africa at work and grow work and grow Ideas off-grid living becomes Self-sustaining learn to work from home Grow your own foods grow your own Medicines from cabbage to cannabis Spinach to shrooms today we're learning About supercharged soil for sea at NN at Best plants and more So most of the ingredients we use in our Super Soul to grow top of the line Chemical free cannabis in other plants Came from at growing your grains you can Visit them the link will be in the Description So our ingredients include all natural Kept two spoons per gallon biochar two Spoons per gallon worm casting three Spoons per gallon On these are tablespoons all natural Seed meal two tablespoons per gallon one Cup of hydrogen corn Per three gallon container Hydrocoin helps to helps the drainage And the aeration of the soil We use two cups per gallon of the Happy Frog potting soil and the remainder box Farm potting soil now the Happy Frog is Used 100 when we're starting our baby Plants in cups it's a lighter soil and It's less nutrients so it won't affect The babies the babies do not need a lot Of food and nutrients until they are Transplanted and a side note I usually Transplant from cup directly to the size

Pot I will be using up until my Harvesting If I'm growing an average size plant I'll go from the cup to a three gallon Pot if I'm growing like a tree sized Plant I'll go from a cup to a seven Gallon pot seven or ten gallon pot the Reason being is if you look at my Previous video on growing basil you'll You'll notice that there is a tremendous Effect on the plant when you're Transplanting

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