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Hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am Back with an overnight chat job but Before I jump into the video make sure You guys subscribe like and share Because on this YouTube channel not only Do we talk about legit work from home Jobs side gig side hustles but guys we Also give away brand new laptop Computers on this YouTube channel so Make sure you guys go spread the word Tell everybody you know take the video Post it on Facebook let your friends Family members know what we do on this Channel but don't forget to come back And leave us a comment now we have been Dropping a lot of work when you want Videos make sure you guys go back to Last week week before last and we are Going to keep those videos coming also Don't forget to let us know in the Comments what type of work from home job Or side hustle you guys are looking for Be sure to hop over to the two chicks Blog on the home page make sure you guys Look for tell us International and apply And don't forget to sign up for Branded Surveys the link is down below in the Comment section let's jump into this Awesome video so the company is Connexus And I hope I'm saying that correctly They are looking to feel this overnight Dealer chat advisor and as you guys can See it says remote so let's scroll down This road will be supporting an

Expansive network of international Dealership clients to deliver an Exceptional customer experience while Building lasting relationships between The customer and also the dealership a Typical day would include answering Product questions discussing Financial Concerns scheduling appointments or Responding to a frustrated customer While taking ownership of each situation And offering a personalized value-driven Solution this position is an overnight Opportunity with the ability to work From home you will represent the Dealerships across the Nash National and Global market via web chat email and Various digital communication mediums Convert in Market vehicle sales and Services customers to dealership leads While meeting department kpis and also Goals serve as an expert in the product Line promotions and dealership Operations so let's get into the job Requirements you will utilize the chat Software to provide conceptive Assistance to customers with their Vehicle purchase process continuously Aim to improve customer satisfaction Productivity efficiency by making Recommendations that benefit the Customer making their buying experience Better be a Goodwill Ambassador for the Company by courteous treatment of all Customers provide exceptional service to

All internal and external customers Promote sales and Lead captures for the Clients by accurately and Enthusiastically responding to Consumer Questions about products features Benefits incentives and promotions Effectively bills rapport with the Customers the dealers and all team Members participate in any required Training to maintain the technical Knowledge and Skills necessary to Perform the job above the standard Required effectively and accurately Document customer interaction Efficiently manage concurrent activities So it says one to two years of Experience and customer service related Profession journalism creative writing Experience is preferred however guys it Is not required computer navigation and Typing typing proficiency strong reading Comprehension and written communication And skills a positive self-starter that Possesses a strong work ethic and Ability to meet exceed deadlines Organizational skills excellent Interpersonal skills and a strong Attention to detail now for this one They are requiring a bachelor's degree 3. so again the company is Connexus make Sure you guys go over to Google do some Research about the company just in case You guys get an interview you would want To be prepared and not surprised this is

A 100 remote overnight dealer chat Advisor non-phone opportunity for you Guys so for those of you that are Looking for a non-phone chat job and you Do have to have a bachelor's degree this Could be the opportunity for you now you Guys can always reach out to them if you Feel like you don't have the degree but You may have the experience I would just Reach out and say Hey will I still be Able to apply for this position or just Apply anyway what is the worst that they Could tell you is no and we all have Heard the word no before so I would Suggest if you want the position you Don't have the degree go ahead and apply Anyway make sure you guys share my Videos somebody out there is looking for An overnight chat job and this could be The position for them don't forget to Hop over to Facebook make sure you join Our group it is kiss that cubicle Goodbye because guys we are doing Another laptop giveaway over in the Group once we reach 250 000 members so Come over there and start inviting your Friends and your family members or Anybody that you know that is looking For a legit work from home job or a good Side hustle make sure you guys also While you're on Facebook to follow the Facebook business page it is two chicks With a side hustle and we will be giving Away two additional laptops guys over on

That page as well so make sure you hop Over there follow like share all you Gotta do is share the content or you can Tag a friend or tell a friend invite Them to come over there to the page as Well however you guys want to do it we Don't mind just be sure to leave us a Comment somewhere and don't forget about The Instagram and the Twitter it is also Two chicks with aside hustle now on Twitter we are trying to get to 10 000 Followers and guys we are almost there I Think the last time I checked we were About maybe 20 or 25 followers short of That ten thousand so make sure you guys Hop over there to Instagram two chicks With a side hustle make sure you tag a Friend tell a friend share create a Story create a real put us in those Stories you guys can tag our uh two Chicks with the side hustle Instagram Page and we will see them just make sure You leave us a comment somewhere my name Is Carl and I will catch you wonderful Lovely amazing people on the next video YouTube

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