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Hi everyone happy Wednesday it’s Suzanne Today I have a no interview no talking On the phone job this is fully remote Work from home and it’s with the company Humanatic now at humanatic you’re going To review calls and get paid to do it You’re going to listen to a recorded Phone call answer a simple question with The click of a button and earn real Money now you’re going to sign up for Free by clicking that button there I’m Going to give you the link in the Instructions on how to do that down Below in the description so what is Humanatic if you’ve ever called a Company and heard the operator say this Call is being recorded well that’s us They help their clients review their Calls then provide them with analytical Reports and valuable data helps improve Customer service and sales So why should you join humanatic Freedom Create your own schedule which means you Can work whenever you want or whenever You have time make as little or as much As you choose when you first start You’re given access to the two easiest Categories of calls as you advance you Will unlock new categories which will Provide more opportunities to earn Humanatic is free and simple they will Never charge you anything and they will Pay you weekly you don’t have to make or Receive phone calls you don’t have to

Have a live conversation you don’t need To be a third party during a live Conversation you don’t have to Transcribe a full conversation for every Call you listen to you just simply Listen to calls and you do what they ask You to do they have over a hundred and Fifty thousand users around the world Just like you their users are made up of People from all walks of life who are Logging on every day to earn money from Their computer tablet or phone so how You get started first you’re going to Need a verified PayPal account you have To sign up through this link here and go Through all the steps that they ask and That will get you verified and then you Can move on to the next step they want You to be part of their team to begin The registration process please click The connect with PayPal button below This is the screen it’s going to take You to you’ll be taken to to Log in and confirm that you have a Verified account and address if you do Not have a PayPal account then you will Need to create one in order to join Humanatic you must have a valid and Verified PayPal account because that’s How they’re going to pay you and they Want to make sure you’re a real person Verification proves that a person is who They say they are this creates Confidence and a willingness to do

Business with you you can verify your PayPal account by completing two out of The three steps below linking and Confirming your bank account verifying Your credit card or debit card Information providing your social Security number now if you’re not Comfortable with this I would go ahead And go online and look at some of the Reviews and see what other people who Have worked for them are saying now they Do have a lot of reviews on humanetic And they are a little mixed some people Say they really like working for Humanatic others say it’s not that great So it really depends on the person and There are some salaries that are listed Very high on Glassdoor or estimated Salaries by people who’ve worked there And then there are other people who say That the pay is extremely low so I’m not Really sure what the difference is I’m Just giving you all of the information And the facts and you can go ahead and Check from there their average salary For a Reviewer is around sixty thousand Call reviewer salaries they had another One which was forty thousand so again Not sure what the discrepancy is there Could be a manager versus somebody who’s Just an employee but go ahead and read Those reviews on Glassdoor see what you Think and if you want to apply again I’ll go ahead and put the instructions

And the link Down Below in the Description for you so you can go check It out and if you have done work with Humanetic before leave me a comment down Below and let me know how it went I’d Love to hear it alright guys I’ll see You tomorrow

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