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[Music] Foreign [Music] Everybody welcome back I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great back with another job for you guys And this one right here is coming from Advocates for human potential they do Have quite a few jobs but today we're Going to be talking about their Administrative project assistant project Management office job okay and this is a Part-time job right here so let's go Ahead and get straight into the details Okay so this is a part-time job you're Going to be working between 20 and 30 Hours per week to support the center for Training and with this job right here You're going to be scheduling meetings And coordinating travel arrangements for Pmo leadership and other staff as needed You will be maintaining project SharePoint sites and web-based file Sharing systems and complete data entry And content updates on Project SharePoint and websites you will be Answering email and telephone direct Inquiries daily and retrieve documents And files when requested you will Maintain filing storage systems and Various platforms such a SharePoint Teams smartsheet and other project Management staff and you will file fax Mail and copy materials for pmo

Leadership you're going to also assist In report and proposal production and Provide overall support for workshops Conferences correspondence training and Contracts so for this job they do want You to have five plus years of Experience in an administrative role you Must have a high school diploma a Bachelor's degree in social work Behavioral Health public health or Similar field is strongly preferred and Professional experience may be Substituted for the education Requirement you will need to be able to Process code and double check work Completely and accurately and you must Be flexible and able to function well in A fast-paced environment and be able to Rearrange One schedule and be responsive To pressing unexpected requests or needs You need to have teamwork excellent Verbal communication solid interpersonal Skills and be proficient with Microsoft Office Suite especially Excel word Outlooking SharePoint and you must be Able to uphold a strict level of Confidentiality this job is going to pay Between 24 and 27 an hour let's take a Look at the application for this job Right here and it is a clear company Application those tend to be pretty Quick of course if you're interested in Applying for this job you can find the Link in the description bar you guys

Know that I wish you the best of luck And make sure to leave any questions or Comments below I'll see you guys in my Next video and thank you so much for Watching

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