PART-TIME $35 To $43 Hour Remote Human Resource Specialist Work From Home Job | No Degree | USA

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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With another daily remote work from home Job lead for you this one is going to be In the Human Resources field but real Quickly I need a quick favor from you Please leave down in the comments below What Industries or Fields you are Interested in is it just anything Customer service is it Human Resources Is it graphic design is it Healthcare Billing or non-phone is it other types Of Health Care please let me know what You're most interested in down below so I know what jobs to be on the lookout For but today's job lead is from a Company called her campus a media it is A media company they come rated on Glassdoor of 4.1 out of a 5 star rating And they do have 131 reviews on Glassdoor as always I will have the Company's Glassdoor page along with the Application page link down in the YouTube description box below if you Want to do your own research on the Company and then put that application in But her campus media is hiring a Part-time human resource specialist to Help with their human resources Department now real quickly one thing to Note if you go all the way down to the Bottom they say they're interested in Qualified candidates who are eligible to Work in the United States at this time

They are not able to sponsor Visas so This is for my United States folks only But they are looking for somebody to Work 20 to 30 hours per week and it says Those days and hours are flexible and to Be determined with the candidate but They are basically looking for somebody To help provide guidance and support to Employees on all types of HR matters Working with other departments and Management and the legal teams to Resolve any HR issues that come up You'll liaison with third-party peo Account manager to serve as the point of Contact for administrative and benefit Matters so if people want to know what Their health insurance or different Employee benefits are you'll manage and Oversee the Recruitment and hiring Process including supporting those Hiring managers with any administrative Aspects of interviewing and recruitment Process so you'll help manage the Recruiting budgets you'll help do the Onboarding and off-boarding when people Get hired all of their hiring paperwork And you'll communicate any policy Changes to staff you also help organize Coordinate and launch the company's Diversity equity and inclusion Initiatives and you'll oversee the Professional development of the company Culture building programs now they are Not requiring any kind of a college

Degree for this position and they would Like somebody who has five to seven Years of some kind of human resource Management or administrative kind of Work someone who has great interpersonal Communication skills great listening Skills and great critical thinking Skills somebody who can be excess Successful in incorporating diversity And Equity someone who is familiar with Federal and state labor laws and who has Strong relationship building skills now One thing to notice says but we believe The following setup is for success in The role but if you don't have all of These qualifications and you still have Some please consider applying and when You apply it tell them what makes you a Great candidate so just tell them about Your background and what makes you stand Out now they are paying very well for This position of anywhere from 35 an Hour all the way up to 43 dollars an Hour all right if you've made it to the End of this video I want to say thank You so so much for watching and Supporting me if you found this job lead Or any job leads that I share helpful Please give this video a thumbs up like Button that does give me direct feedback That I am at least being helpful to Someone out there and I'll be back Really really soon with more work from Home job leads just for you

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