Part-Time $40 To $50 Hour Work From Home Job 2022 | SKILLSHARE | No Degree Needed | USA

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another work from Home job lead for you I've seen in the Comments that several people are looking For part-time roles so that is what I Have for you today this one is a very High paying a part-time job if you have The skills they don't require any kind Of a college degree so let's just dive On in of course the links if you're Interested in applying are always in the YouTube description box below the video You may have seen or heard of skillshare And know it has been advertised in Multiple ads across the YouTube itself They are an education a platform that Hosts different classes video classes That you can pay for a monthly Subscription to and take all the classes That you want they are hiring a brand Operations coordinator now this is a Contract to 1099 role and they are Looking for someone to do part-time 20 Hours per week but you'll be responsible For the day-to-day operations of support And identifying process improvements Across the brand and social team you'll Make sure that projects and campaigns Are completed and delivered on time and Stay on budget you'll be supporting the Internal Communications for brand and Social teams including a team update to Scheduling and facilitating the team Meetings you'll set up ad hoc and

Recurring meetings capturing discussion And following up on identified Stakeholders on the next steps and open Questions you'll develop documentation And communication you'll lead planning And delivery of campaigns and social Assets and of course you'll support Skillshare's YouTube Presence by Identifying any trending topics now Again they are not requiring any kind of A college degree they're looking for Someone who has great organization and Great attention to detail someone who Has an understanding of how digital Marketing Works familiar with marketing Across all kinds of social media Platforms including Tick Tock YouTube All the things these days great Communication skills and great Troubleshooting skills now ideally they Would like someone who has one to two Years of working experience in marketing Or with some kind of brand or content Team now if that is you they are paying Anywhere between 40 and 50 dollars an Hour all right if this job lead wasn't Not for you if that's okay please feel Free to leave in the comments anything Specific you're looking for I do read Those and keep that in mind thank you so So much for watching and supporting me And I'll be back really really soon with More work from home job leads just for You

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