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Happy Tuesday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job where You make 600 to 800 per week in this Company they will train you make for Sure you mark a calendar for Friday December 2nd 2022 at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard time I am bringing back The guest Deborah H Swisher okay she's a Certified professional coder so let's go Ahead and dive right into the job we're Going to be talking about the company Care Centrics they're currently seeking Claims processing Associates to work From home as you can see on the screen The pay is 16.35 an hour to twenty Dollars an hour so that's between 640 to 800 per week what you will be Doing is you will review and investigate Claims make payment determination as Well as process and match claims dated With appropriate authorization as Necessary and this company they will Train You by offering professional Skills training and tuition Reimbursement so all that information in Is on here this is where I got that Information here Advanced opportunities Professional skills training and tuition Reimbursement so they will train you and This company do offer benefits as you Can see on the screen here as well it Only requires a high school diploma or Equivalent And then basically you will communicate

With internal and external customers as A needed basis so that means you may be Under a little phone I spoke with hire Manager always reach out it's not a call Center it's just only as needed okay Only as needed and to give you Information about carecentric is a Single platform that connects the last Mile of care for healthcare organization To improve outcome lower total cost of Care delivered members so we're going to Go right into the job and kind of Dissect it a little bit and see exactly More what you're going to do on this job You're going to review electronic claims Resolve computer generated it is Determine correct payment or denial Amounts and document notes you can Identify courseable claims and Authorization or system issues as Appropriate and then you're going to add Here to all carecentric policy which may Include but it's not limited to Mandatory HIPAA privacy program basic Ethic and clients attendance in any Additional corporate or departmental Policy okay so that is more about what The job is now a lot of times some People may say um they never done claim Processing Associates I always talk About in my videos there are free places To go and learn Um get knowledge the more you know the More you grow knowledge is power I

Google this this is billing and claims Process this is a PDF file even though It talks about Aetna but it kind of give You an ideal on what the process is of Cleaning processing if you go a little Bit further you know to kind of give you An ideal so you know what they're doing So you'll be like okay this is something That I want to do I'm going to study This as well as there's other things Medical claims how to review medical Claims it tells you here how to review Medical claims but you got to keep going On and processing Um other um you know keep Googling Things and just look at the the job Description and whatever you don't know In the job description you just Google If you don't know about business ethic Ethics and compliance all you need to do Is copy paste this into Google and save Um something for free and it will pull It up okay again you have to get out There and research things because a lot Of people they just don't know how to Research or they don't want to research And they just look at this job and say Oh I'm not qualified you know I've never Said in my life that I'm not qualified For a job I always say that I'm gonna Try if I don't know something there's Different places Um that are free on the web that you Could go and find things even when you

Go check out YouTube there are people That's talking about claim processing Walking you through of how to be Successful so when you go in to Interview you you have confidence okay You go out there in the company thinking That you have been doing this for years And really you just picked it up in five Minutes so make sure you go ahead and um Research things don't say I don't know Things just go out there and research it Before you say it and learn as much as You can okay so if you're interested in Applying for this job all you need to do Is Click right here where it says apply For this job now keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there with your name on it but you Got to take action too many times people Procrastinate you know they scared to Take us a move they're scared they want To stay on a job and like I told you all The time is that you gotta always Be prepared and have a backup plan at All times because even though you have a Job you may have been on there for six Months maybe to a year maybe some of you Have been on there for longer you still Need to constantly keep applying for Jobs because you never know when they're Going to lay you off there's people Reached out to me like I said last week That they have been on a job for five Years and they are no longer without a

Job okay sometimes what companies over Higher they have to make a pick and Choose who they gonna let go so you need To keep applying for different jobs and Always keep educating yourself and Learning learning stimulates your brain So the more you know again the more you Grow and the more you know it makes you Valuable so before you say that you're Not qualified for the job go into the Job dissect the job description like I Did and say okay I know this I don't Know it I'm gonna go to YouTube or I'm Gonna go Um and Google this and try to figure out How to do this job but I'm gonna go Ahead and apply for this job anyway and Then when they call you in for an Interview you you study you practice you Just do everything you can because like I said it's so many people that are Applying for this job okay it's so many People that applying and just because People are applying for this job you Don't get intimidated It's great to have competition it's Competition and everything you do if you Drive it there's competition people Trying to race you be first you know Beat the light it's competition when you Go grocery store and everybody's trying To move and get items you know before You get it so it's it's life is full of Competition but it is great to have

Competition but you have to do Everything you can to stand out from the Crowd I always tell you your resume has To be tailored to each job that you're Applying for you cannot have a One-size-fit-all resume meaning that if You apply for daily entry you send that Same resume to customer service and you Send that same resume to accounts Payable it doesn't work like that Because your resume is not trying to Attract the human eye is trying to track The ATS which is the applicant tracking System and the applicant tracker system Look for certain keywords in order for You from the job post and what you put In your resume in order for it to pass And get into the hands of hiring manager Only here is a lot of Um Keywords in this job description where You can Implement those into your resume And I'm not saying to lie if you don't Have the experience don't do do that Because they will give you a test and if You fail and if you say you know Something they're going to know that you Lied because if you know something You're going to pass it so make for sure Again don't disqualify yourself before You apply for these jobs let the company Do it you got to believe in yourself Because if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will so go out there and

Grab what is yours today by applying for These jobs okay then you know that I Talk about having a backup plan at all Times necessary because you never know What can happen you know everybody have A cell phone Even a cell phone have a backup plan Because it has a charger you know many Times you'd be on the phone talking and Then it started beeping like okay I need To hurry up and get in my purse so I Need to get my charge and charge my cell Phone up and you put that charger on and You're still able to talk while I charge And the same thing about everybody have A car there's a spare in that car just In case if you have a flag you're not Planning on having a flat but it is in That car just in case you have a flat You can put that spare on to take you to Your destination but you want to get it Fixed as soon as possible you get the Picture what I'm saying is to have a Backup plan At all times necessary because you just Never know what can happen on a job and You want to use your job that you have Now to invest in a business that is a Part of self-care and that is with book Book boat if you do your research people Are making passive income some people Are making anywhere between a thousand To ten thousand a month creating low Content books and you could do the same

Thing and for those who don't know what Low content books you're seeing them Right here as they flash up in the Screen but low content books are Journals law books Diaries coloring Pages puzzle books and many more it is Just too many to name okay Then when you go down a little bit Further the great thing about this Platform is that you can always research The product before you actually Start working on it or selling it and See if it's selling and then you can spy On your competitors keywords and see What kind of keywords that they're using And Implement those in your titles and Description not to copy but to be Expired bookboat has upgraded they need To have a new book studio and basically What you're getting is cover creators Interior designs drag and drop editors Complete customization over a thousand Two hundred plus free fonts more than One million raw juice free image pattern Scalables design filter and much more And yes people buy these books every Single day again you're able to make Puzzle books word search puzzles Crossword hangman word scramble in more Activities books coloring books 100 of Low content Interiors where you mix and Match Interiors to create unique books For your audience okay now Anytime when you're talking about a

Business there are pricing okay you can Sell this Um you're gonna sell it on Amazon kdb But if you have your website you can Sell it on your website you can sell it On pay helps you can sell it on send out There are free social media platforms That you can promote this okay so it's No excuse don't say what words I'm good I don't know where I'm gonna sell it There's many free things out there that You can promote your low content books And here are the monthly fee here and I Believe it's very affordable it's 9.99 Per month for newbie or 19.99 per month For pro and the great thing about it if You use my coupon code which is the rest Is wet all in lower case you receive 20 Off the 9.99 and that is Lifetime or if You choose a 1999 per month you would Get 20 off of that and that is Lifetime And also another great thing about this Is you could try it out for free for Three days and see if you like it and I Guarantee you you're gonna like it uh With the pro again you're just only only The only thing that is different is You're getting the puzzle creation Software included so if this is Something that you want to do to make a Backup plan you need to go ahead and Create low content books it's very easy To do I've been doing this for six Months and I have made a sale once you

Make that first sale then that's going To motivate you to keep making more low Content books and more low content books Now bookboat do have tutorials these are Great places that you can go and look at Their Tutors they have all of that here okay They have the new book Studio they have Everything that you need Um if you spend an hour a day on Tutorials you will understand how to Create a journal how to create coloring Pages there or teaching you and then on Tuesdays or Thursday they have live live Webinars where you can go and get your Courses answered and they're always Updating you on new things that are Happening on Book boat again Don't wait till the lights turn off Where you cannot see what's in front of You start building your legacy today Start building your Empire today Um go ahead and invest in yourself use The job that you have in order to get Out there and start a business okay Nothing is Promised these days and never Think that you are not replaceable Furniture is replaceable clothes is Replaceable food is replaceable and so Can you go out there today and start a Business where you can make passive Income so if something happened to your Job you still have income coming in Enough income to come in to pay your

Bills and until you found what you're Seeking okay so go ahead and sign up Today that information is in my YouTube Description bar and also remember my Channel is all about none phone work and Home job leads they go out every single Day that's Monday Tuesday when Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday every Single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time make for sure that you're watching The videos all the way through because There are valuable information in all of My videos to help you get closer to Landing your first second third job even A side hustle consider subscribing to The channel I would love for you to be a Part of the family by clicking that red Button and don't forget to turn on your Notification by clicking that Bell so Every time when I upload new videos Um or even when I go YouTube live you'll Be notified and never give you plenty of Opportunities go ahead and apply for These jobs before they're no longer Available also make for sure that you're Checking the community tab that is where I engage with you I ask you questions I Put quotes in there I'm just doing Everything I can to connect with the Community if you would like to join my YouTube chat membership or you know Support the Channel all you have to do Is click the join button there is a Short video explaining the benefits of

Becoming a member of the YouTube channel Okay shout out to everyone that's Already a member remember Keep pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there with your name On it but you have to believe because if You don't believe nobody else will so go Out there and grab what is yours today By applying for these jobs okay there is A job out there with your name on it you Got this keep pushing thank you so much For watching and I will see you in the Next video

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