PART-TIME Up To $150 Per Video Work From Home Job Making TIKTOKS & Instagram Reels | Flex Schedule

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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With another work from home job lead Opportunity for you this one is a Part-time flexible schedule the company Food tank is looking for a social media Video content creator now this is making Short social media videos such as Instagram reels Tick Tock videos and YouTube shorts so you're looking at Videos that are like a minute or less a Maybe up to two minutes but very short Videos of course the link to this if You're interested is in the YouTube Description box below this video so this Is going to be part time it is going to Be a contractor role but they are paying Up to 150 dollars per real or per short Video that you make they're looking for Someone to only commit to five to ten Hours per week so this is perfect if you Want a little bit side hustle side gig To work in between your full-time jobs To make take a little bit of extra money Now it does say they're looking for Someone who is self-motivated and can Help them build their presence on social Media so they're really looking to up Their game and grow their Tick Tock Their YouTube and their Instagram so They are looking for someone who can Pitch and create the weekly content to Raise awareness to their 12 core issue Areas you'll have to be able to develop

In a way innovative ways to translate Food tanks programming editorial and Podcast content into attention catching Fun funny and engaging videos you may Have the potential to attend promote and Curate social content at their upcoming Summons so you'll channel the Organization's voice to engage Their Audience for the broader food movement Of course this means you'll have to stay Up to date on the latest Tick Tock Trends that YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels I can go ahead and tell you YouTube shorts that just got Ties on February 1st so there's a lot of changes Going on in the short space right now Now if this sounds like something you're Interested in they are looking for Someone who can demonstrate experience In performing on Tick Tock YouTube or Instagram reels so if you have social Media presence already someone who Understands social media best practices Someone who has a passion for building a Better food system and is familiarity With food someone who has great Communication skills and great Organizational skills now if you scroll Down the page they do have other Opportunities as well if you don't want To do the whole Tick Tock thing but You're interested in writing articles or Something they have other opportunities Alright as always if this job lead was

Not for you that's okay please feel free To leave in the comments anything Specific that you're looking for I do Read those and keep that in mind thank You so so much for watching and Supporting me and I'll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Bleeds just for you

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