Pitfalls of Remote Work

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Foreign [Music] So if somebody if somebody says I want I Want that kind of a lifestyle I want That kind of a life And but they don’t really have a plan or Process for doing it what are some of The pitfalls that people tend to to fall Into having routine Uh having and not just systems for your For your work but systems for your life As well you know you have your work Goals but also having personal goals and That’s where the balance comes into play And creating the the routines and the Processes for for a boat to be able to Balance boats to be able to achieve what You want in in both areas of your life Even if you want to say well work is Part of life yeah okay but you know There’s still there still is a Separation you still you know you Connect to do work and then you Disconnect to enjoy time with your kids To go walk on the beach to to go play Basketball or you know hang out with With the girls whatever right uh so Making sure that you have a really good Routine helps with that Um Knowing that you don’t have to grind Thank you right I think there’s Definitely this this this yeah this this Thought that we have to grind and we

Don’t it’s about working intentionally Working with purpose working with focus And Focusing on what’s the most important Thing right I think a lot of Consultants Entrepreneurs and so on they get it’s That shiny shiny object syndrome right We’re all over the place all the things That we want to do and really honing in On what is the most important thing okay And that’s typically getting clients Which then you go into all of the Different aspects of like fear and how Fear plays a part in you know Um us procrastinating on certain types On on doing the sales calls right or Doing the the sales messages and and Things like that Um so I think becoming very self-aware Is is huge in this Um self-aware And and and asking yourself when you you Know you’re procrasting on something why Is it what uncomfortable feelings are Coming up right yeah and then doing the Thing accountability support having a Support system an accountability group Whether it’s a mastermind or something Really super helpful to get involved Into Um and if they’re going to help you weed Through the things that aren’t important Especially if they’ve been there done That as well


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